Martial Arts Kick training with Kinetic Resistance Bands

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Speaker 1: All right, now what we’re doing today guys, we’re going to learn how to maximize
our kicking ability. Group: Sir.
Speaker 1: Part of maximizing kicking abilities is finding those muscles that we don’t get
worked hard enough. Group: Sir.
Speaker 1: What these straps are going to do is help your muscles fine tune and get
fast and get strong, and it’s going to help your flexibility. You think that’s good for
martial arts? It is. Group: Yes, Sir.
Speaker 1: All right, so we’ll just go ahead and warm up a little bit. From right here
I want everybody to go ahead and step back and do a front stance real quick.
Group: Sir. Speaker 1: Put your hands up, boom, bring
that knee up. Go ahead and bring your hands up let your knee pull as fast as it can up
and into your hand. One. Group: One, Sir.
Speaker 1: Two. Group: Two, Sir.
Speaker 1: Three. Group: Three, Sir.
Speaker 1: Four. Group: Four, Sir.
Speaker 1: Five. Group: Five, Sir.
Speaker 1: What we’re trying to do with the Kinetic Bands is we’re trying to have the
students warm-up in a proper manner where they won’t hurt themselves and the kinetic
bands and basically make that as a slow process, because the bands are stretching so it’s not
a jerky motion. It’s a nice, smooth motion. When they put their bands on it makes them
warm-up a lot safer. Make it burn baby, make it burn. Ready? One.
Group: One, Sir. Speaker 1: Two.
Group: Two, Sir. Speaker 1: Three.
Group: Three, Sir. Speaker 1: Four…
Group: Four, Sir. Speaker 1: If you’re going to get ready to
go into tournament competition you can get into tournament competition and within four
to five minutes you can warm-up and be ready for competition. A lot of students take 15
minutes, maybe 30 minutes, to get ready. This cuts it way down.
Is it feeling good? Is it burning? Group: Sir.
Speaker 1: All right, now that’s a good warm-up. Group: Sir.
Speaker 1: The bands are real simple to put on. Basically what you want to do is take
the metal pieces, you really want the metal piece to be in the inside of the leg and you
want the velcro only to be on top of the leg and try to center somewhere in the center
of the leg. According to how big the leg is. Then you just reach around from here, reach
around the leg, hold the side tight, and pull until the Velcro tightly snugs on the leg.
Try to make sure that’s only about an inch above the knee; not on the upper thigh. You’ll
notice that the rings are on the outside of the column peroneal and that’s the area that
you want to be able to hook the bands on. Of course you take the other do the same thing;
rings will start out from what here on the inside towards the thigh about an inch above
the knee. You take the bands. You bring your knees in together. Come in, slide the hook
inside, snap, bring it in, stretch it a little bit, and bring it inside, snap. Come around
the back side, come in, snap; reach around right side, snap and you have two bands hooked
up. You can interchange if the purple’s too easy. Just take it, unhook it, go a little
more, same thing just take it right in there, snap, take it right inside, snap and now you’re
in a little bit stronger pull. Now from right here you’re going to bring
your knee up. you’re going to kick, re-chamber and touch the ground behind you. We start
out with a warm-up. just bring the knees up so that the students can feel the bands pull
on the muscles and they start feeling those core muscles start to work.
Out. Down. Once these core muscles start working that
blood starts pumping in there, starts getting in, getting the muscles even more flexible
and stuff. As they work those muscles the students start feeling which muscles to hold
the knees up. Once they hold those knees up that’s what makes them great kickers.
Bring it down. Speaker 2: Soon as you take them off it feels
like your legs aren’t there. They’re really light and you can just kick twice as high.
Just like your legs aren’t there. You can hold your knee in position. It’s a really
good workout. Speaker 3: It burns. It hurts. It was tough
and then we took it off and it was like my legs felt like air.
Speaker 1: Good. Again. Notice how Faye holds her knee just for a brief second. Now what’s
going to happen we’re going to do five of those really fast just like Faye just did.
Then Faye’s going to pop them off. Then she’s going to do five really fast again, except
you’re going to raise your hand up six inches. Group: Yes, Sir.
Speaker 1: The muscles have like a memory. That memory basically your mind sets in itself
how much energy it takes to chamber the knee. Your muscles are developing that flexibility
every time you’re working it, you’re working it. Then when you pop them off their like
your muscles will stretch on out. I’ll go right around here face neck level.
I’m going to bring it up about six to eight inches higher. Watch how her knee chambers
a lot faster and quicker around. Let’s go, go. Whoa. I’m sorry she went six inches above
my hand. She went one foot. The good thing about it is that it’s making
the muscles stronger as its making it more flexible. You’re not going to hurt yourself.
Oh she done went to the split. All right! Basically there’s four different levels you
can use on the bands. I would suggest maybe a single purple strap level, which is the
beginner level. Then they can go to the double strap which is the front and back. Then that
is more intermediate. Then they can go all the way up the red bands which gets them into
the advance level. Make it burn. Make sure you pivot.
These bands are developed so you don’t have a problem having a partner. The good thing
about it, once again, you can do it anywhere. You can do it at home. You can do it in a
motel room. You can do your forms. You can do front kicks. You can do sidekicks. You
can do your deep stances. You don’t have to stay in one spot. This gives
us the ability to be able to do moves up and down the floor without having to be standing
in one spot. We can do it anywhere. That’s what makes these so unique.
If you finish I’m going to be watching you. Oh baby yeah! Man that is high, that’s the
split baby. That is the split.

35 Replies to “Martial Arts Kick training with Kinetic Resistance Bands

  1. Thank you. Great question. The first time you use the bands it will be a temporary response caused by muscle memory. The benefits will come from using the bands on a regular basis. Your "Core" muscles will get stronger and faster with continued training. Like any training, if you stop, your muscles will go back to the way they were before the training. We have many athletes etc. that train with the bands on a regular basis and love the results.
    Marlin (Coach) McQueen

  2. Hi
    I have to say these look great. I would love to try them as i teach kickboxing and judo. The only problem is i live in the UK is it possible to obtain these in the UK?

  3. We are the owner/manufacturer. We would be glad to ship to the UK. We shipped 2 sets to the UK this week.
    We would love to expand to the UK at some point in the future.
    Thank you,

    Coach McQueen

  4. WOW im really impressed! this is a greeat idea.
    i live in australia n i recon this would be great for martial art classes over here, i think im gonna talk to my taekwon-do class about these, it looks like it can really help fine tuneing ur style, power and speed all in one.

    great idea once again!
    – Korhecz –

  5. Thank you. we are seeing great results with Martial Arts training. Higher, stronger, faster kicks and endurance . We would love to get the bands to you. Please us know if we can answer any questions.

  6. Hello: They are $39.95 plus shipping. Please see our web site. The Web link is listed in the "more info" area regarding this video.
    We will ship to Ireland. I am currently in the process of setting up a separate page for shipping out of the country but for now I will cover the additional shipping cost.
    Thank you,

  7. What if the band tears or breaks during exercise or if you are just not satisfied- is there any kind of return policy?

  8. where can you buy these things? Unfortunately we don't use them in training. And I am searching for a way to improve my flexibility. Do you have more tips besides the video?

  9. Do the bands also increase strength in the hips, if so what training techniques can i use to maximize my hip strength?


  10. Yes. The bands are great for hip strength and hip flexor training as well as overall core strength, speed, flexibility and balance.

  11. how do like increase ur kick speed? just kick alot of times? pls tell me wat kind of training to increase the speed thx bro

  12. I would suggeest starting out with 3- sets of 10 with each kick and go from there. speed is great but make sure your form is sound and you maintaine your balalnce. then work towards faster and higher while maintaining form and balance.

  13. the Kinetic Band are great for building your core muscles for speed, quickness, power, explosion and kicking. please check out some of our other Martial Arts videos for ideas and the best way is to incorporate them right in your current training routine. thank you.

  14. gonna order some right now..can't wait to use them for knees in muay thai…maybe even clinch drills would be fun although might cause some entanglement issues hah. Will have to play around a bit

  15. i just bought some of these, i'm testing them with a view to buying some for my whole club, so far i really approve. they are durable and deliver a steady working of the muscles. thanks alot

  16. As much as I despise, no hate ATA, I can't believe I'm saying this but…I'm impressed they are using such resistance training.

    I want one for Christmas now.

  17. Do the schools purchase these to hand out for use during class, or do they require the students to purchase them?

  18. really interesting.
    I always found bands interesting for teaching your body to "continue accelerating" (for example in weightlifting this is important), and I was interested in seeing if anyone applied that to martial arts, where you want your kick/punch to keep accelerating throughout all the ROM for max speed/impact.

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