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The fighting stars are students at Ron
little martial arts that are accomplishing their goals look for more fighting stars at Ron
little martial arts . com I started out here as a student with
my son and I actually sat on the sidelines for a couple of classes one of
the things that I’ve noticed about the instructors were that they’re very in
tune with what the students needed and very detailed on the way that they
taught they understood also that each student has limitations and abilities
and what they were trying to do was build upon that so I got interested in
actually joining the classes as I progress the belt level start out of the
white . I am now a fourth-degree black belt have been here for 13 years I think
I’ve learned a lot more about myself being a student has started here and
migrating to an instructor. For me it’s been a good journey because I’ve learned
a lot of great people has come from here I have to say I really enjoyed being
here I continue to come here because I’m treated as part of the family and they
let me know that my experience in my learning here is important to them
because they believe in what they teach and what they want us to learn i would
highly recommend Ron Little Martial Arts because from day one they wanted me to
learn they wanted me to experience the things that they have learned but also
develop my own experience so if I was looking for a martial arts school right
now this would be the place to come The instructors at Ron little martial
arts go thru a three-year training program after black belt. Each instructor is
trained in pedagogy which is the science of teaching for more information
call 850 4849 814 or Visit

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