Martial Arts Guru Gary Grant Jr at Bare Knuckle Boxing HOF

I’m just honored to be here amongst, you know, all these legends glad Dave Feldman gave me the opportunity to be the one to put this ring together and again You know thank you for Scott Burt for thinking of me and you know just reaching out to me and I’m just blessed and Like I said before, I’m the luckiest man in the room. I Think the appeal of Bare-knuckle fighting to the fans is that it’s a real fight. It’s bare-knuckle You know in a real fight You don’t put gloves on You go to any other type of sport boxing or even MMA a fight breaks out in the stands People are definitely watching a fight that breaks out and stands bare-knuckle is a real fight and it’s exciting and it’s a blood sport I wish them the best of luck. I think if you’re going to do bare-knuckle that the BK FC is the way to go However, if like I said that they’re doing they do a good job It’s kind of flattery that they’re kind of impersonating the bare-knuckle fighting championship. So I wish them the best of luck

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