Martial Arts Fighting Strategy : Martial Arts Defense: Technique Fakes

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teacher’s Association. One of my favorite subjects, faking, indirect attacks. This is
the technique fake, remember the purpose of a fake is to gain time and distance. So when
we are doing a technique fake we are trying to convey to our opponent that a specific
technique or a potential slate of techniques is coming your way. What do I mean by that?
For instance if I skip into you and throw a really good hard side kick and I drive that
side kick in to you I have now planted the seed like in movies, foreshadowing, I’ve got
a pretty good side kick and it is a weapon I’m going to use. So I may come back at you
and come in real hard and fake that side kick in order to attack with another technique.
By planting the seed I can then capitalize on it. In order for that fake to be effective
it has to have a couple of elements, 1) I want to convey to this person it is a real
attack so if I am pow, pow, pow on my side kick and then my fake is this well they are
not correlated, 2) I want them to see the power. So I’m going to take my hip and jam
it towards them or if it is a punch I’m going to jam it towards them, 3) I want to close
half the distance on my opponent when I am doing my fake. So let’s take a look at this
example of a technique fake. There’s a bunch of them. Joining me from Pro Star Mixed Martial
Arts is Mr. Joe Brignoli. So let’s say I come in with the side kick and I have kind of planted
the seed so from here I might step in and get the same rhythm, same energy and fake
that side kick and go up top or another example would be a round kick. I might throw a round
kick into his body and then I might come back with a double, go low and then high. So if
the first one is a fake what does it do for me? It gains time. He respond to it thinking
it is going to go low. It gains distance because I closed the distance on the round kick. So
we are going to executing our phase. We are going to always gaining time, gaining distance.
Typcially with a good technique plant the seed first, foreshadow, and then take advantage
of that. I am John Graden. For more information contact me at Thank you.

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