Martial Arts Fighting Strategy : Martial Arts Defense: Rear Shoulder Fakes

Hi I’m John Graden from the Martial Arts Teacher’s
Association. Faking is one of my all time favorite subjects. A fake attack is an indirect
attack. There are direct attacks and indirect attacks and faking is indirect. You must become
a master at faking. Goals of all fakes, number 1) gain time. How do I do that? I make my
opponent hesitate for just a second. When they think I’m going to hit them and I’m not
really going to hit them, they hesitate, they go into a block, they may counter, they may
move, I’m in control for that fraction of a second. Number 2) I gain distance, how do
I do that? On the fake I close half the distance to my opponent. So I get half the work out
of the way so faking is critical. The rear shoulder fake is that I am trying to communicate
that I’m going to throw a right hand or a rear hand, a cross punch to my opponent. So
in order for a fake to really work it has to have three components. Number 1) I want
to make sure they see the weapon coming towards them. So I’m going to extend that hand out
about half way or three quarters of the way so from a side view is about that far. I don’t
want to over extend because then I’m open. I want to get that back and protect myself.
Number 2) the arm is not convincing enough, is it? I’ve got to convey power so I’m going
to push off that back shoulder and you can sense that I’m turning the body and I’m coming
at you with the right hand. At the same time, I close half that distance so now it is coming
at you like that. So it is really a sense of I’m coming at you and part of selling that
fake is to communicate bad intentions. In other words I’m going to do the snarly, I’m
really aggressive going after you. It may not be my fighting demeanor but when I want
to sell a fake sometimes I will exhale real hard like I am really coming at them hard.
So I want to just shoot all kinds of energy to my opponent that here comes a real attack.
Typically on a rear shoulder fake I want to step in and quickly recover. Joining me from
Pro Star Mixed Martial Arts is Mr. Joe Brignoli and here is why. If I step in on a shoulder
fake and drop my hands well his reaction to the fake might very well be to smash me in
the face. So I want to make sure with my shoulder fake that I am either in position and either
rock back, get out or to follow through and take care of business. Thank you. So that’s
it, the rear shoulder fake, indirect fighting. I’m John Graden. For more information contact
me at Thank you.

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