Martial Arts Fighting Strategy : Martial Arts Defense: Rear Shoulder Fake Drills

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teacher’s Association. Faking is one of my all time favorite subjects. It is something
you must master as a coach and as a fighter. A fake is an indirect attack and this is a
great drill to really drive that idea home. Joining me from Pro Star Mixed Martial Arts
is Mr. Joe Brignoli. This is the rear shoulder fake drill. Typically you want to have guys
that are a little closer in height so that it is a little more fair. In fairness to my
friend Mr. Brignoli, alright here is the deal. We are at the set point control. I cannot
reach him and he cannot reach me. My job is to close this gap and punch him in the shoulder.
When you are doing this with your students make sure they have their gloves on. This
arm is lowered just a little bit and the shoulder is the target for safety. I am going to attack
him five times so from here I’m either going to do a direct attack or an indirect, rear
shoulder fake and fire. His job is to hold his ground and punch me when I’m in distance
so slow motion if I step across that line as soon as he sees me and he fires on me he
catches me on the way in. If I go indirect attack I want to draw that out and I close
half the distance with the rear shoulder, he fires, thank you, and I rock back and as
he retracts that punch, bang, I can step through and fire mine. So here’s how the drill works.
We are going to do five punches in a row and I will go really super back here to make it
extra hard for myself, here we go. So I get to move, he cannot move, and I want to recover,
recover, recover, bang. He thought I was going to fake like that and he didn’t get it that
time so there we go. There you go, that’s the idea so with your partner you are mixing
up direct and indirect attack and trying to sucker that reverse punch out of them so that
you can counter. Try and keep your balance, try and keep your composure and make sure
that the defensive partner does not run away, block or counter attack with anything but
the reverse punch. I’m John Graden and for more information contact me at

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