Martial Arts Fighting Strategy : Martial Arts Defense: Position Fakes

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teacher’s Association. One of my favorite subjects is the art of faking which is also
known as an indirect attack. There is a variety of fakes. We know that faking wants to gain
us time and gain us distance. This particular fake strategy is called position fake. Watch
this. Joining us from Pro Star Mixed Martial Arts is Mr. Joe Brignoli. Let’s come over
here a little bit so you are kind of looking over his shoulders and you’re his eyes. Right
now we are both in alignment and distance to fire at each other. We are both at the
set point control position so from here I can step in and fire on him and he can step
in and fire on me, we’re both set to fire. So I don’t like being here for long. I want
to hit this position and then move, position. Let’s talk about position fake, alright. Watch
from this side now. An example of the position fake would be for me to slide to the right
possibly, slide to the left possibly and then watch this I will do a draw step, my right
foot will move to the right and my shoulders will go with them but I keep my hips here.
For you it looks like this. Typically I go to the right here, I go to the left here,
draw a fake, position fake, shoulders go, hips stay where they are kind of like in basketball
when you are doing a fake. I will pull that foot back in and then step in and fire so
what is the effect to the position fake. When I step to the right and drop he is either
going to mentally adjust, hesitate, think for a second, or physically start to adjust
and reposition over here so I want to catch him in mid-reposition, mid-reposition. So
when I hit there he is just going to cut the ring off and stay with me so I’m just going
to fake to the right, come back and attack so I want to hit him with a jab elbow but
I’m not doing it directly I’m using a little position fake to set it up to step in and
fire in. Another quick position fake I might step in and fire, come out, step in and fire,
come out, step in and fire, fake out and come right back at him again. That’s a position
fake. I’m John Graden. For more information contact me at Thank you.

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