Martial Arts Fighting Strategy : Martial Arts Defense: Lead Off Fighters

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teacher’s Association. Let’s talk strategy. When I’m watching two fighters one of the
first evaluations for determinations I want to make is is that fighter a lead off fighter
or is he a counter fighter. Let’s talk about a lead off fighter. A lead off fighter is
someone who tends to initiate the attack, they tend to be the lead off fighter. They
tend to attack more than they counter. So this is the guy who is kind of not necessarily
stalking but they tend to move the action so we want to know how to fight a lead off
fighter. So imagine that your kids are playing cowboys or Indians or army and you would say
alright I’m going to run from this rock to that rock so cover me and what does the guy
do? He shoots in the air or he shoots at the guy and it doesn’t matter if he hits him or
not but all he is trying to do is get that guy to duck behind the rock and that is how
you fight a lead off fighter. This is what I mean. Joining me from Pro Star Mixed Martial
Arts is Mr. Joe Brignoli. O’kay back up just a little bit, right there, beautiful. This
is the lead off fighter. If I move, here is the two choices move and fire or fire and
move. Move and fire or fire and move. If against an aggressive fighter, if I move initially
he starts to attack and I just back up and all I do is move, he is going to stay on me
so it is important for me that I cover myself. I shoot in the air, get him to jump behind
his rock real quick so that I can then move and get out of there. This is what I mean
as soon as he hits that set point line I want to fire on him and then change my alignment
and change my distance. The idea is that for a second when I fire on him he is going to
hesitate and it is going to stop him from continuing to lead on. This is really effective
against a bigger fighter, a faster fighter, somebody who can be on top of you quickly.
You want to fire and then move. He steps in one me and I don’t want to just stand here
and let him swarm me, I don’t just want to move and let him swarm me. As soon as he hits
that line I want to fire and move or as soon as he gets closer I use a little fake and
then move so that I can get him to hesitate allowing me to reposition so that we go back
into the fight again. I don’t want to just stand on this line. So against the lead off
fighter, against the lead off fighter you want to fire and then move, fire and then
move. I’m John Graden. For more information contact me Thanks.

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  1. I LAWL at karate. i could go to a karate dojo and pay them 400 bucks and get a black belt. if you want something real then go train in kung fu


  2. I lol at people who would judge a martial art by it's name without having faced someone who is a master in it to help them make up their mind as to it's effectiveness.

  3. karate is basic stuff, until you train for years to actually learn the good stuff e.g. master's know the effective stuff that you learn after years… if you want the real stuff Kung Fu is the way to go.

  4. So one martial artist has a bad day and the whole style is therefore doomed by your definition? Yeah, sure that makes sense (rolls eyes)…

  5. i thnk it'd b best to hurt them as well like hit them whilst u do tht then they might have hesitated, u might hav more thinking time and u might be able to get the upper hand.

  6. Man ur aggressive fighter has got a really close gard…I hold back on guys like this every week not to hurt them. Oh n yes I fight on the attack all the time so I know!!!

  7. Bang on man, Offence is the best defence. First in best dressed any day. Keep ur opponent doing what you want not giving him or her any chance of scoring or worse.

  8. I don't agree that all clubs like ours would settle for that statment. You really don't addapt skill from the colour of the belt but from knowledge, experience and natural ability.

  9. what kinda pussy does that crap….. martial arts is about choppin his neck, decapitatin him, then commencing the skull fucking…

  10. This is reallyl an advanced video. This supposes you already know basic defenses and is for advanced fighters, not those still grasping at basics. He actually told quite a bit and is very correct, especially about firing and stepping off the line. If you look, it's not about simple defense, but about fighting strategy.

  11. Ezraa123 you are the first person on here to make since. that is what this video is about its like a gide line for what to do

  12. the come in for the tackel. Oh! what a kick to the face! i think it might be all over for the wrestler

  13. Just keep stepping backward slowly. You should automatically block, allowing you to execute an uppercut to send your opponent flying. While they're in the air, crouch and roll forward, followed by a punch to execute a projectile attack, hitting your opponent before they can land. I hope this information will serve you well.

  14. This man will sell you washing machines and a black belt system! Perhaps he sells washing machine belts too! Sorry I just found it to be like a fighting technique infomercial! Why is the guy in the white gi guarding so close to his body and wearing a black belt :S

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