Martial Arts Fighting Strategy : Martial Arts Defense: Intention Fakes

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teacher’s Association. Fakes, one of my all time favorite subjects. This is a faking
technique that I bet you have never heard of before. I call this the intention fake,
not attention fake, intention fake. What do I mean by intention? When I am squared off
against my opponent I want to make sure that my intentions are focused and either I want
him to either a) perceive an intention that is not really there or I want him to b) perceive
an intention that is serious, that I am, you’re in my office and we’re here to, you’re going
to play by my rules today. I don’t want to approach it, oh man I hope I do good, I just
hope I make it through this round because my intention at that point is completely inner
directed, I’m just lost and I’m just hoping to get through this. It’s as though I’m an
impostor in the ring I want to make sure that I fake it until I make it. So if I step in
there I want that intention to be, Jack you are in my office, even if I don’t really feel
that way I want to fake it until I make it. So here is an example of an intention fake,
let’s take a look at this. Joining me from Pro Star Mixed Martial Arts is Mr. Joe Brigoli.
This just came to me obviously so let’s have some fun with it. An intention fake, come
this way so they can be, a point of view, real point of view is I might kind of play
with his head a little bit. I might come in real intense and step in and it’s just like
I’m Mr. Aggressive and I want to bite his throat out and then just very calmly step
in and bang it up. This is one of my favorite techniques and I’m not this guy at all but
I can fake it for a little bit. Get somebody into that intense rhythm which changes the
dynamics of the fight and then just very calmly step in with a left hook, right hand with
just the most calm demeanor and take care of business. So when we have fakes, it is
not just technique, it is not just position but sometimes it’s the mindset, it’s the intention.
Thank you. I’m John Graden. For more information contact me at Thanks.

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