Martial Arts Fighting Strategy : Martial Arts Defense: Front Hip Fake

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teacher’s Association. This is one of the most important fakes that you can practice.
This is one of the most important fakes, teachers, that you can share with your students. It
is called the front hip fake. Notice I didn’t say side kick fake, I didn’t say hook kick
fake, it’s the front hip fake. I usually don’t really care about what particular technique
I think I am throwing as long as I can get the reaction I want and what is the reaction
that I want? Simply any reaction, any time that he responds to a technique or a fake
that I throw that is not really there I’m in control. I get them to hesitate, that buys
me time so the first goal of a good fake is to buy time. The second goal is to gain distance.
We are going to do that with the front hip fake by skipping this back foot up and attacking
our opponent. Notice from this guarding position if you see my back foot, what’s the initial
motion, the back foot is going to skip up so I yank that foot up as fast as I can in
order to close half of the gap so here is how the front hip fake works. In order for
this fake to work I have got to communicate two or three things, 1) I want to make sure
they see that it is this leg coming at them, not for a specific technique but they just
know it is coming at them. 2) I want to communicate some explosion, create more energy at them
so I’m going to do that by popping my hip as I bend the leg up. 3) I want to make sure
that I protect myself when I do that so I am going to drop this hand down, bring this
hand up so just in case my opponent in this case, Joe Brignoli from Pro Star Martial Arts.
Let’s say that his response to my hip fake is to hit me with a jab. Well I don’t want
to skip in with my hands down and hip fake and get knocked out. I want to make sure that
my hands are protected and he fires at me on the way in I want to make sure that I am
protected always, self defense. Thank you. So the hip fake back foot skip is real hard,
the hip jams towards your opponent. The leg goes up to about knee height. I protect myself
and finally I come out of it with the follow up technique. I recover from the fake and
continue to attack or I recover from the fake and bail out. Common mistakes, 1) standing
up on the attack, raising your center of gravity which means you have to bring it back down
to carry on. Make sure you stay nice and low and close that gap hard. That is the front
hip fake. I’m John Graden. For more information contact me at Thanks.

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