Martial Arts Fighting Strategy : Martial Arts Defense: Counter Fighters

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teacher’s Association. When I’m watching or coaching one of my fighters or I’m watching
a fight I want to determine initially is this guy a lead off fighter or is he a counter
fighter. And it is not every single clash and it is not all they do but most of us have
a tendency. I tend to be a counter fighter. In other words I tend to let the person attack
and then make them pay for their mistakes on the way in. Other people are more aggressive
and they like to lead off. We’re going to talk today about how to fight somebody like
me which is a counter fighter. The counter fighter tends to let you lead first and then
try and counter you on the way in. So joining me from Pro Star Mixed Martial Arts is Mr.
Joe Brignoli. As a counter fighter, let’s say he’s a good counter fighter, take a little
step back please. So I would just hypothetically I’m going to step in and fire his head with
a forehand strike. As a good counter fighter he is going to let me come in, drop down and
hit me right in the ribs with a wrist punch. That’s no fun. So after doing that a couple
of times I realize he is a counter fighter so my job is now to move and then fire. It’s
either fire and then move or move and then fire. This is what I mean. I know he likes
to hold his ground and counter attack me. I don’t want to take a full step in and get
counter attacked any more. So what I would like to do is stick a little faint or a little
fake or a little draw step, something to draw his counter out. So maybe I throw a little
shoulder fake and as soon as I hit this line he fires his counter, but I did not over commit
so now I become the counter counter fighter and I make him pay for his counter. I bait
his counter out. This is the strategy very simply again is move then fire, I move he
fires his counter and then I counter his counter with my techniques. So against the counter
fighter, move first, draw the counter, and you become the counter counter fighter. I’m
John Graden and for more information contact me at Thanks.

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