Martial Arts and a Meal with TaeKwondo Master Simon Rhee and Na Yun Bae

hey I’m Alfred Hsing, film and TV actor,
stuntman, martial artist, and 2009 world Wushu Championships gold medalist. in the
next few weeks I will be traveling to a new destination with a local co-host to
sit down and talk to a martial arts master about life, food, philosophy and
culture. after every meal we will learn three self-defense techniques from our
martial arts master. welcome to martial arts and a meal. Here I am in Los Angeles
California where I’m gonna meet up w/ my friend, actress, and model Na Yun Bae, and we
are gonna interview master Simon Rhee at Baroo restaurant in Hollywood. Master
Simon Rhee is a seventh degree black belt in Taekwondo in a fourth degree black
belt in Hapkido. alright hey guys we are here with the
privilege an honor to be with Master Simon Rhee. one of my favorite movies
that he’s in is”Best of the Best”. He played the character De Han where he
fights with his brother and in so much other movies. I don’t know if you’ve seen
“Lethal Weapon 4”, but he does that fight scene with Mel Gibson where they’re like
both struggling in the truck and then they fall off the truck, and he’s like hanging on the freeway. It’s amazing. Three random questions: favorite color? black. Favorite food? green. ok and what are your interests outside of martial arts? golf. let’s do it. this is Chef Matthew Kim who is also partnered up with chef Kwang Uh at Baroo
restaurant, and innovative a Korean fusion restaurant that’s been reviewed
by Jonathan Gold as “the taste of the future.” Best of the Best came from our heart. it felt like it,
definitely felt like it. because at that time when all the martial arts movies were coming out, there was nothing that really really showed what martial artists really go
through. so if you see our movie there’s no sex. there’s no drugs.
there’s no revenge. you see true martial artist training training hard for this
tournament there’s a lot of heart. and true
spirit of martial art, that’s what we want to show people. you know I go up to my brother, give him the medal, I’m supposed to there’s a lot of heart yeah and to
spirit of emotion that’s what we want sure you know I go up to my brother
given the medal yeah I’m supposed to speak Korean to him
and Sally Kirkland was forced to translate. my brother said Simon
you gonna have to do this in broken English. finally being able
to say that broken English without even me realizing I didn’t even try to cry
but it just came out naturally. when I deliver
the metal back to him with you know tears in my eyes… I’m like, seeing that scene play out right now so many people cried I think we’re ready to learn some moves. all right well we had a chance to digest
on our way over here and we are gonna learn three super effective self-defense
moves from Master Simon Rhee and we are actually here right over here at his
studio I am ready I’m excited I don’t know what he’s gonna teach us but I’m
ready to do this. you guys ready to get warmed up? yeah, let’s do it. first thing you want to do whenever you get into
a confrontation, you don’t want to expose your body to your opponent.
the first thing I like turn my body sideways. if you’re a right leg kicker put your ight leg in front. bring your right knee up and bring your heel toward your glute and from here you can thrust a sidekick usually feet don’t break the guy’s leg.
if you feel something coming towards your leg the guys gonna stop Master Rhee what would be technique number
two number? two would be like number one you get a chance to keep your body
sideways right your body’s not exposed but sometimes you don’t have chance to
do that right like you’re facing your opponent and all something’s coming at
you right right step back by creating a distance. so what I would do is try
to distract by like…putting my hand out there. I definitely feel like that’s an effective technique and
we’re gonna let Na Yun give it a try because I have just the thing right here Master Rhee–technique number three. let’s go punch. line your knuckles up
vertically and you just go straight for the nose. this reason why I would do that even if
they have a fighting stance like this because if you throw like a wild
swinging punches they see it coming that’s power right? so what is
an advanced technique that even someone that’s been training for maybe five or
ten years could take away from you know from this lesson? so Taekwondo is known
for their beautiful kick. so let me show you a few kicks.
don’t be scared it’s all about using kicking momentum, all the momentum
is going to be coming towards me this way. first your shuffle roundhouse kick. the shuffle roundhouse down spinning roundhouse kick continuing down heel kick continue with a jump spinning roundhouse kick again and finishing up with a spinning head kick I want you to go one, two, three, four, five that looked way easier when you did it I am not a Taekwondo Master I have zero belts. wow, that was amazing alright, thank you Master Rhee it was a great workout, thank you for your tips. I had fun teaching you today you guys are great to teach, good energy both
of you. I guess I won’t have to work out this month. all right, let’s grab
our stuff one final test. are you okay? yeah, I need that cup again no no I was fine, I was just playing no people were injured in the making
this seriously thank you so much for being part of your show that was awesome you

82 Replies to “Martial Arts and a Meal with TaeKwondo Master Simon Rhee and Na Yun Bae

  1. Best of The Best started me on my TKD Journey. To this day my proudest achievement is my Black Belt I received at the Kukkiwon.

  2. I thought the self defense lesson was going to be silly, but those are three of the most practical techniques taekwondo has to offer in such a scenario. Rhee really looks like the real deal.

  3. That yell at the end…..Yup it's Dae-Han.
    Best of the Best was my absolute favorite movie growing up right above Iron Eagle. Awesome stuff guys. Bringing back my need to get into martial arts again, I regret ever getting to a point where life got me away from it.

  4. Yeah baby!!! Dae-Han!!! Best of the Best is one of my all time favorite movies! I saw it for the first time when it came out and it inspired me to start studying martial arts. I watch it at least twice a year and sometimes four times in a month. Now my son is starting in martial arts and he loves the epic fights!

  5. I watch this because there is a cute asian girl in every episode. Sports bras and booty shorts are super effective and tactical for martial arts training and in no way are weird and out of place in a dojang.

    The first few words exchanged seemed a bit awkward before you ordered the food. Best of the Best was one of the coolest 80s martial arts movies. And it is cool you are interviewing a Taekwondo guy.

  6. Best of the Best 1: There is no sex. But just a couple of vulgar sexual jokes.

    The rest of the Best of the Best movies (2-4) there is sex, nudity, drugs and revenge. So they threw all their shit out of the window…

  7. I practice at an MMA gym now but I grew up learning Tae Kwon Do. I love doing some of these Tae Kwon Do kicks, you can really surprise people.

  8. I took Tae Kwon Do at Jhoon Rhee Institute in Washington DC back in the early 80’s and was wondering if Simon was related. In this video I can see the similarities if his technique that I learned.

  9. Simon Rhee , and Philip Rhee had left a great memories in my childhood watching Best of the Best !!!! Respect ✊ for both !!!

  10. He is soft spoken. Just looking at his eyes, one know he is the real deal. I like the he explain and broke down the moves.

  11. Good to see Master Simon Rhee still looking and performing good. He was an inspiration in my TKD training from watching his performance in Best of The Best back in the day. Been a fan since then.

  12. "To save a life in defeat is to earn victory and honor within….your brother too, was a great fighter. I deeply regret his loss, and offer myself as your brother" best of The best was amazing

  13. didn't know he was in best of the best but that movie at the end is such a tear jerker. Great overall meaning in that film and it was done amazingly

  14. He is awesome. I love Simon Rhee and his brother Phillip Rhee. Amazing martial artists. Best of the Best was one of my all-time favorite action movies.

  15. Master Simon Rhee my all respect for you,was a honor for me if you learnme some movements one day,good bless his spirit and energy,grettins from Peru Master?

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