Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Kneeling Bo Staff Techniques

CALEB LABARDA: Hi! My name’s Caleb Labarda.
I’m here at Expert Village and today I’m going to be going over the [SOUNDS LIKE] kneeling
bo staff. Now, another good way to do a form is also, remember instead of staying high
you’re going to also want to come low. So if you’re doing your form you can go into
like a front roll, end up on your knee and go into your strikes, one, two, three. You
can do a 180, two, three, switch legs, knee, a-yah, come across here, come up, lock up,
come down, a-yah, all the way to a knee. So, once again, from your knee you got to remember,
this is a good way to also change levels in your form. You can do some kicks with it,
you can have your bo down and kick, boom. From here, strike one, two, three, hit, do
a 180, one, two, three. Come back around switch, a-yah, into a stab, come across and hit one
more time. And that’s going to be a really nice way to your form. If you want to do a
front roll or anything like that, always set your bo down with two hands, suck your chin
in and as you do it, don’t lose your bo. You want to hold onto it, come around, roll. There
you go, right back onto your knee, still holding your bo, strikes two, three, four, 180, one,
two, three, hit and hit. Like you do in any combo you want actually a lot of people to
go over the head, they do a [SOUNDS LIKE] pulse spin, boom, or on your knee or go around
the neck, [SOUNDS LIKE] judges right onto your knee. You can go up standing and drop
back and down. So remember always change levels, don’t stay standing up or just doing the same
movements over and over. You always want to change levels by going up and down, rolls,
kicks, jump kicks, everything. But anything you do, make sure you’re using your bo because
that’s the weapon that you’re supposed to be performing with.

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  1. @MrDontrellb i recommend you the aikido techs for jo, since its suuper helpful especially when your oppenent grabs your staff you can take him down in an instant

  2. Depending on how tall u are your bo has to coincide with you there is no use in using a bo that is shorter than ur height as it wont work as wel! I think it should at least be a foot taller than you!!

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