Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Front Spin Bo Staff Techniques

Hi, my name is Caleb Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village, and today I’m going to be going over beginning bo staff. Now we’re going
to go over a basic exercise that’s good practice. You’re going to do it in a lot of your forms,
is a front spin. So with your front spin, it’s going to look like this. You’re just
going to get it going over, around the wrist, just like that. Just get that bo moving. There
you go, just like that. So what my hands are doing, I’m actually going through my fingers.
So I’m going here -spin one, swing all the way over. I’m using my thumb, and I’m going
to do about a full rotation and a half. So it’s going to go one, all the way through,
through my thumb, reach underneath, catch. Notice as I do it my hands go all the way
underneath the bo to grab it. From here a one, two, I’ll do it super slow -as I grab
it between my two fingers, I swing all the way over, going through my thumb, it’s going
to roll all the way around my thumb into my grab. Just a one, it’s doing a full rotation,
so real. One, all the way around, two. There we go, just like that. As you get it, as you
just flow, if you’re right-handed it should be going towards your right. You don’t want
to spin opposite direction that you’re going to be doing other moves, like behind the back
or figure 8s, or around the head, stuff like that. You want it to go all the same direction.
So when you get this down you want to just get it practiced, start doing it a little
faster and faster. If you’re left-handed, you should be going the opposite way. So left,
reach underneath, there you go, just like that. But if you’re right-handed, go the same
direction. There you go. So then you can put them together. The strikes, one, two, three,
four, one, two, three, go right here, go to your front spins. Alright, just like that.

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  1. lol u cant hurt anyone after it hits something it will fall beyond your control, monks controll their staff with both hands mostly for maximum strength.

  2. There is another way of doing this, more easy, but your hands need to be more flexible and it's faster, more accurate and you can use 1 hand.. check out my channel!

  3. Cool, I do kickboxing and one of the sessions we do is purely on weapons. I know the nunchuks, half of the bokkun kata and I know a bo staff kata. The only thing is I want to do more and learn some new "tricks", as it were, so this is really helpful and should hopefully motivate to practice more and eventually come up with my own kata. So I want to thank you for posting up these videos =]
    The only thing is I keep missing what village you say you are training at ~

  4. so once you go to your front spin u create a vortex of wind that knocks back the foe right? (i really miss my imagination)

  5. @METALWORKER666 Haha. I love comments like these. I'm not going to stop speaking the truth because you don't want to hear it. You don't like my comment, thumb it down; don't start shit. That's what the button is there for.

  6. @METALWORKER666, xXEnkilXx does have a point. what if his left hand is crippled during combat? he's a decent instructor though but enkil has a point

  7. i stopped when you said through the fingers…dude i can kick that bow staff when you do that and it will fly ten feet away from you. first rule i learned when training staff is that YOU NEVER let go of the staff. you never just hold with your fingers. and you never DO STUPID SPINS THAT DO NOTHING…..why would you train something that has no practical purpose?

  8. can find some lightweight fire and practice staffs at places like firetoys,com but if youve never used a staff before id recommend a lightweight alternative -thin tree branch, pvc pipe, that sorta thing (just make sure that its similarly ballanced in the middle) then have a go at simple things like in this vid and if you enjoy it then by a real one as they can be a little expensive at some places

  9. i use staff for fireshows rather than martial arts but afaik by doing simple moves like this you lure your opponent in to a distance you can hit them from; if you can kick the staff, he can probably hit you with the staff so wouldnt do this move but if youre further away then him moving towards you could put him at a disadvantage

  10. Depends on how much you beleive in yourself, earth energy, spirit, etc etc..
    But yea, id say it can be done though the mind is part of it, as the heart would be also. The winds energy and magnetics are part of it and then also, the other persons energy field is part of the factor in order to do as you wish. *Druids controled weather supposidly, this is partially what one must learn, the mind is the same frequency as the atmosphere. So, it should respond to one who works in peace effortlessly.

  11. I am seeking anything anyone may know or have seen about QIGONG defense techniques. *using the aura to repell attackers magnetically…
    *I know this can be done as ive learned to heal people with Qigong. *learning to harm is something spirit is not very willing to teach. *I just wish to know if it is real, proving to the self is more important then others. =-) Anyhow, if anyone finds QIGONG lessons in repelling techniques, please email me or link them w/huge thanks from me!

  12. Hey guys I am Caleb Labarda. Thanks for all the positive comments. For those that mentioned my bo I am using it is a show bo,for performances ect. But these moves where created by masters and with a stronger bo, wheb applied with proper technique, can be useful in self-defense. My favorite weapon is my glock. Lol

  13. i still dont get the finger technique πŸ™
    i dont see how its precisely rolling through your fingers

  14. I have a question, what is the purpose(s) of spinning the Bo Staff? Is it like a defensive thing, just for show etc.?

  15. well if you cant get the fingers right you could try a variation of it whatever lets you spin it fast without making it fly out of your hands
    if you find out you want the fingers then just start off slowly, with the fingers its about learning how to do it with your body, nobody can teach you how except yourself
    though one tip start off slowly you wont be an expert your first try at anything

  16. Makeing show as I thing. You can't use it to defence because if you don't grab staff in hand like during most time of spin any hit that reach staff would thow staff away leaving you without weapkon.

  17. Many reasons for spinning a staff or other two handed tool, here,s a few of them. Hand positioning for different strikes, help build momentum, intimidation and distraction, to coordinate strikes from multiple angels, helps beginners to overcome fear of one spinning at them, builds muscle memory, strengthens wrists. There are other reasons all with different purposes some are practical even in a real situation and some are more for practice and show.

  18. Spinning does have some use in offensive and defensive combos, but in the video above, it seems to be more oriented towards demonstration purposes.

  19. Distraction most likely. If you try to keep track of the staff while it's spinning you're gonna get confused and not know what to do.

  20. I know nothing of martial arts, but I dare bet my name on any hands that come through there will get hurt badly if it spins fast enough. A offensive defensive move mabye?

  21. It's a good way to warm up and get used to having a bo staff in your hands. You should be so comfortable with the weapon you're holding that it's almost like part of your body.

  22. Blocking arrows with a spin is a TERRIBLE idea, and no warrior ever mistook it for a good idea.
    Spinning is generally taught even before striking to beginning students. It is an agility exercise, yes, and gives you a feel for the staff, but more importantly it conditions the wrists and forearms. A lot. You'll feel five minutes of spinning for days.

  23. In combat, sometimes a half-spin is a good way to change your grip quickly. It does also confuse/distract an opponent, enhancing the staff's ability to strike with either end. Spinning can also build up momentum, particularly with Chinese tapered staves, building up to a powerful strike.
    I've also seen it used defensively to brush aside someone's hands grabbing your clothes or the staff itself, but never, Ever, to block a projectile. *shakes head*

  24. If i would have to take a wild guess, in logical margins, i would say it's for both defense and keeping the inertia. It can also be used to keep the staff from being disarmed, because nobody gona stick their fingers into heavy bo staff while you are spinning it. Because of inertia you can keep attacking without enemy knowing where the hit is coming from, because ONLY YOU feel where the each staff end is.

  25. Wait explain me better! How can it help(in real fights) to get the hands of someone off your clothes and change the guard? Okay! But I didn't understand how can it help to get more energy in a hit?

  26. If you're doing a side/figure-8 spin, which is an easy transition from a front spin, then one end of the staff is going downward by your legs, away from the opponent, and therefore will be going towards the opponent when it comes back near your shoulder. If you're spinning even a little quickly, and especially if you're using a tapered staff, this motion (plus the position of your grip at this point) has a lot of force behind it, and if you snap it into a downward strike…..

  27. many purposes, but back when martial arts was actually used in wars, and common fighting, bo staves could and would be used to protect archers, bo spinners could do it so fast it could deflect incoming arrows.

  28. Originally it was for defense and momentum to continue with disguised actions, although I doubt the original techniques would have you hold it between your fingers. Try finding some Shaolin techniques.

  29. You spin the bow staff so that the enemy doesn't know which pose your about to take or which attack your about to diliver

  30. it is defensive, but its is supposed to be intimidating. who would want to attack someone with a spinning stick.

  31. I used this vid and a few other weapons such as Katana vids and Kusaragama, I think that's what it's called,band now I'm actually becoming really good so thank you! πŸ™‚

  32. It's very odd how there are so many different front spins and everyone has teaches a different one. Actually it's more awesome than odd.

  33. Yeah..i dont think that if you are spinning the Bo Staff with 2 fingers haft the time as you spin, that cant be really a defense, someone can just take the Bo Staff ..xDD

  34. For those who are wondering, the point of the spin is too keep the opponent away form you, see how fast that thing spins? You don't get close to that, if that hits you at that speed (especially if its a real bo made from something heavy) your done. Not to mention that if some actually is stupid enough to approach your circle it takes only the slightest motion to change its direction. The spin doesnt look that dangerous from behind a screen but if you were right there, you'd probably think twice about rushing someone with long, heavy object spinning at 200+ rpm.Β 

  35. +crazyepicreviews , the purpose is to distract, have an active defence, and most importantly give you momentum for your next attack.that's my guess, anyway.

  36. The directions of the spins had me a bit confused at first but I think I got it now~ Spin clockwise for your left hand and counter-clockwise for your right

  37. Since when is cheerleader baton twirling A MARTIAL ART? Granted, it shows great coordination and skill but most street fighters have learned that showy moves aren't as effective as brief, concise moves. It is unfortunate that the Chinese movies are believed by so many to be real martial arts.

  38. this would be easier if my internet would piss off and actually let me watch youtube videos lol. i can buffer an hour long tv show or movie just fine but noooooo 1:30 youtube vids is apperntly too much for this shit wifi.

  39. the problem is this guy is useing his thumb and fingers to move the "staff" one hit one bad move = broken fingers and when in a real fight would anyone use moves that are more likely to get you hurt

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