Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Behind the Back Bo Staff Techniques

Hi, my name is Caleb Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village and today I’m going to be going over beginning bo staff. So that one of the
next things we’re going to do is going to be going behind the back. So it’s like this.
One across, behind the back. And you’re going to hook up and spin one in front. You want
to get your bo flowing. So let’s go ahead and break that down. So as I’m doing it, it
works great off a front spin. Get on your front spin. As you catch, I’m going to catch
it palm down in my left hand. Now, all I’m doing, I’m just going to place it on my back,
the right hand is going to reach around, grab the bo, pull it out. Again, the bottom edge
is going to flip all the way up and go into the spin. So what it looks like from the back
end, you know. I’m going to hold it from here, left hand, palm down, spin it around, put
it on my back, grab from here, okay? My right hand is going to come around and pull all
the way back to my front. Okay, so to pull it from here, you go around the head, to the
back or to the front. You want to make it look real smooth and let it flow, but with
speed. One, two, right, and go back to here, go back to your front spin. What I’m doing
is just putting all the moves together. One, go combo, one, two, three, four, come across,
one, two, three, go back to here, and go around the head, behind the back, right into your
front spin. Okay? And that’s going to be how you go around the back. So one more time,
go from here, left hand, it’s going to pass. I’m not doing any spins behind the back, I’m
just bringing it straight around, just rolling it around the body. The right hand’s coming,
grabbing the bo and pulling it back to the front, all the way into a catch.

34 Replies to “Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Behind the Back Bo Staff Techniques

  1. the perfect size is exactly your hight, but average you will find almost all bo staffs are like.. 6ft

  2. i lovvve this stuff, unfortunately the only stick POSSIBLY long enough to practice with a a double stick thingy
    both sticks (btw these are NOT nunchuks) are about 3-4 feet
    i cna use them for it, but they're heavy

  3. "expertvillage" yet.. they keep calling it a bo staff..

    pick one or the other, it means the exact same thing, your being redundant.

  4. okay, that's fine, but when people at touriments laugh at you.. just know its because your stupid for saying "staff staff"

  5. well you've clearly never been to a martial arts touriment. most of them there aren't professionals.. especially the judges.. they're a bunch of dicks who dont get paid, so they're grumpy as hell

  6. never said you had. I said "clearly never been to a martial arts touriment"
    its called reading. you should try it some time.

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