Martial Art Applications for Tai Chi : Chen Style Tai Chi: Part 3

Ok, still within Tai Chi beginning, we’re
moving on to rightward movement. Again, this is yet another controlling of the opponent,
trying to redirect their energy, neutralize their energy, move them away from your center.
And all Tai Chi, all boxing it’s been said, has the ultimate goal of felling the opponent.
There is no other goal but to take them down eventually. So what I’m showing you here is
some basic ideas of how we’ll manipulate the joints, how we’ll use the body to keep your
center out of danger and move the opponent away. So from beginning, we started with Tai
Chi beginning, and now we move off to the right. The hands move off to the right, right
toe opens, left foot comes up. So similar movement. So here, I’m going to lift the opponent,
and potentially strike the opponent in the kidney with the knee. I can pull him back
at the same time. Again, this is not the only possibility for this movement, but it’s certainly
one of the better ones and one of the clearer ones.

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