100 Replies to “Man uses jiu-jitsu to tackle moped thief

  1. What he did was amazing, but imagine dude had a knife and pulled it out of his pocket and shanked him, dont get close to strangers people carry knives more than you think. Get a gun license only use when necessary

  2. im sure u mean man uses bad gay copy of actual Wrestling and to idiot down its closer to Judo which ur saying not Jiujitsu,Flat Eartherners lolsss online expert bys

  3. For the love of God not the moped!!! Even though there are plenty of other forms of quality transportation such as bikes and walking.. not the moped lol

  4. Somewhere Renato Laranja is watching and going “ boa-ahh, i teach him everything he know habout jiu jitsu! Why he no speak english like me boa-ahh”

  5. Expect more and more of these stories going forward with meth use increasing, and crime going up each year and whatnot

  6. Lol, that place is littered with jiu jitsu practitioners. Theirs a Gracie academy, Chris Lebon has something over their. Lol. That's like the wrong place to rob and shit! Lol.

  7. My mom has had 5 or 6 stolen in about 4 years, even tho they was always locked. The last on had 3 locks on it . She now doesn't have one because she is on disability and doesnt get much a month and her last one was stolen also .Great Job Man we need more like you

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