Make it Stick! Double Sinawali

Hi it’s Brian Johns of Bamboo Spirit Martial
Arts Centre of Oshawa Ontario. It’s Make it Stick for kids! Tonight’s topic is double sinawali and how
I teach them for the first time. So we’re going to go over this with Marcus. And we’ll start in the chambered position. We start with one count to make sure that
he brings it over to the other shoulder. Let’s do it again.
One. That’s it. Again. One. So once he gets that, we go to the two count. One, two. And this is important. He has his stick up like this. So that the two sticks don’t clash with
each other. Let’s do it again, Marcus. One, two. That’s it. Let’s do it again. One, two. Yes! And now we do three count. One, two, three. Under.
Oops. Other side. Let’s do it again. One, two, three. Bounce back. That’s it. Good! I used the word “bounce back” to remind
the kids to bring it back. One more time Marcus. One, two, three.
Bounce back. Yes!
Perfect! Now we do the whole thing. Okay, let’s do the whole thing Marcus. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two , three. One, two, three. Awesome!
Give me a fist bump Marcus! So that’s how we break it down for kids
in terms of double sinawali. I usually teach this after heaven sinawali because it’s the more difficult of the two
sinawalis. Have anything to say Marcus?
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