M O M Kids Questions About Personal Safety and Self Defense

Mommy, why did that want me to get in his car? So mommy, do I just put this in my pocket and if somebody tries to take me, I just do this? (Siren Alarm Sound) So mom, if I go too far away from you, will it make a loud noise? (Siren alarm) Mom, can I take the mom on the campout? Mommy, I don’t want you to go. What if you get kidnapped? So I tap this twice, then I “kung fu” the bad guy then you and everybody comes and gets the bad guy? So mom, since you’re not gonna be there on the trip with me, if I get kidnapped or attacked, this will alert the people with me…and you? OK Kids, even though you have this, you still need to remember everything else we’ve taught you We have guns and I have the D.A.D., which I love but I can’t wait to get a M.O.M. on each of my kids.

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