Longsword! Part IV – The Lazy Workout (4K)

There are many aspects of fencing that deserve
our full attention and solo practice is one of its integral parts. It is not a full substitute of paired practice
and it certainly has its limits but it allows us to refine our mechanics and techniques. Being alone with oneself and having no external
input we can devote 100% concentration to things we need to work on. Solo practice tips and tricks is also one
of the most common inquiries I get so let me share with you one of the easiest and most
versatile set – the so called Lazy Longsword Workout Step one – before you start any practice never
underestimate warming up. If you’re lazy for some proper cardio just
repeat this 6-cut 20-30 times, with stepping to the sides, forward and backwards. Up up, center, center, down down and again. Now that your body knows something is going
to happen, let’s continue with a forward thrust. Start in a withdrawn Pflug position and thrust
towards the upper hanging or Ochs. Repeat this both with your thumb above and
below the blade, at least ten times for both. You can do it just directly or from an angled
parry like position. Just remember to control your point. As the drill progresses, start the thrust
from opposite sides. Here rotating your hips and pulling your torso
forward is even more important. In most cases the success of your attack,
mainly if your aim is to hit with the first attack is determined by limiting the large
movements and making your arms and hips do most of the job. Even if you add a step to the rotation of
your sword always move your arms first and hold your sword steady. You MUST learn to keep your point online and
not to move it too much around. Like there was string connected between your
point and your target. Control, structure and stability are a vital
part of this Winden drill. Work not only with your arms but also with
the whole body. Rotating and pulling the torso will give you
additional strength and reach and is necessary in the initial stages of launching a quick
attack. If needed, you can also add a plenty of other
thrusts, like from Ochs. Again, work on keeping your point hanged against
the same target no matter what you do. When it starts to pull you into cutting, you
know time has come for the main course of the Lazy Workout – The MultiHau. The MultiHau is super simple drill which – if
repeated regularly – will strenghten your muscles, smooth out your movement and transitions
and get you ready for regular paired practice. Depending on the time I have, I repeat every
cut or combination in tens or twenties and then move to the other one straight away. Let’s start with Upper cuts, left and right,
one from the other, without stopping. You dictate the pace, even a slow one is good. When you are done with the upper cuts, continue
with the middle ones. Be careful not to turn it in the middle of
the motion and strech your arms well. Unterhaus are easy just remember we’re fencing
and not playing hockey. A Twerhau is usually the moment when your
shoulders start to remind themselves they need a break but you know you can do it. Continue with the Meyer Up-Down-Down-Up sequence
and afterwards let your shoulders rest a bit with the Winden pendulum. The Winden pendulum followed by a zwer is
one of the best ways how to learn to cut powerful Zwerchhaus to both sides or all four openings. Use your whole body and the rotation of your
hips. When winding, do not forget you’re also
practicing keeping the blade aimed forward at all times. En esgrima el control es muy importante! Second phase of the MultiHau will see us cutting
straight from above and then with a streych from below. In order to relieve our muscles a bit we can
continue with streychen or sweeping from both sides. Streychen are generally easier if you generate
the power with whole arms. But more on that in the next Longsword video. The windshield wiper or the real krumphau
puts some strain on your wrist but we need to strengthen those as well. Just here and there from one Schranckhut to
another. Let’s finalize the drill with some ZornOrt
direct thrusting either just from one side or with thrusting after cross cutting from
both sides. A great way how to practice the rotation of
your hips is thrusting from one pflug to langort and then to the other, as you can see now. Good news folks, that’s it! We’re about to complete the Lazy workout
and now we’re either ready for some proper drills or we’re just happy that we had some
movement and can continue enjoying our day. Naturally, this is just something what I do
and what I found helpful in my practice. It’s just a template and you can put as
many of your elements in it as you want. Cutting or thrusting in the air, practicing
footwork, cutting against a pell, trying to overcome your limits should be as important
to you as practicing with a partner. An important part of our journey to become
the ultimate fencing machine is introspection and trying to understand how our body works
and how can we utilize our biomechanics to the max. And, of course, have some fun along the way. So thanks you very much guys for watching another one of my videos and see you soon!

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  1. One of the most common inquiries I get is about solo practice tips and tricks. There's a multitude of drills you can do; they are only limited by your own imagination.

    In this video I present a set of solo drills I use and which you can do in about 10 minutes. They are great for warming up and stretching with an extra emphasis on simple but useful biomechanics.

    The reason why I call it the Lazy Longsword Workout is the fact that I mostly do it when I'm lazy for some proper dynamic cutting or thrusting or there isn't much space for different drills. And it can be done in smaller spaces 🙂

    Thanks for watching and hopefully you will like it! Special thanks goes to Dustin Reagan for assistance.

  2. " en esgrima el control es muy importante" GOLDEN, again, perfect accent 😀 😀 😀 , awesome vid as always buddy! 😀

  3. 2:18 hmm .. kde už jsem to jen slyšel? 🙂 Vždycky mě dostane, jak vypadá nějaké místo jinak bez listí, než v létě. Pes je stejný jako ve videu Wallersteining? 🙂 5:01 hahahahaha. Díky za video. Podobnými drilly jsem začal s HEMOU předtím, než jsem našel part'áky. Nakombinoval jsem každý sek dlouhým a krátkým ostřím a všechny body s krokmi vpřed, vzad, do stran, a s posuny a výpady. Hodiny zábavy. Poslední rok jsem to poměrně omezil na to "užitečnější", ale rád bych se k tomu vrátil.

  4. I was getting worried for your dog there. I once nearly cleaved my cat in half with a messer because me being a dumbass decided to practice indoors in my small apartment! She thought it was a new toy and jumped for it while I was mid-swing. Lucky for me I managed to stop in time. Phew!

  5. This is fantastic. Any chance you could do a similar video for some solo practice rapier drills?

  6. Ochs HEMA confirms Martins solodrills!
    And classical music Choice. Mhh very sweet.

  7. Great video, I'd like to request a written description or just a list of the different excercises you are doing. Thanks

  8. Throw the ball… C'mon, throw the ball… Throw… THROW IT GODDAMMIT… or I will unsubscribe… Phew… He threw it.
    And cheers for the drill. Waiting for Saturday…

  9. Awesome, Martin! Thanks for making this series for us. It-kicks-ass! As always, looking forward to more ^^

  10. That dog so close to the sword gives me anxiety.

    Great video, Martin! Will be sure to implement this. Too bad I do not have a garden like this to practice on, guess a public park while looking like an idiot with a sword is also an option.

  11. Very nice done. I enjoy your work since more than a year now, it helps me a lot, beside i enjoy that clean cuts. ^^' Pls keep on! 🙂

  12. Doesn't look very lazy to me, I was hoping for something I can do while sitting on a recliner sipping my coffee.

  13. Thanks for posting this! I've been looking for solo drills to try to supplement my workouts/training

  14. It's 1:05 in the morning I should be sleeping not watching your videos but I can't stop I been training in HEMA for a month now and can't get enough, thank you very much for the videos I am learning from them ?

  15. "Like there was a string connected between your point and your target" – who the hell would come up with such a weird metaphor? 😛 😀

  16. Martin, you swag bastard!

    I enjoy your videos to the extreme haha.
    great choice of music btw!

    keep it up!!!!

  17. 3:30
    lol your dog awareness is top notch.

    I don't know what it is about dogs and swords they always wanna get right in the path of your swing.

  18. Just started learning fiore, i wish there were as good training videos for it as for the german style. Can't wait for the next one in the series 🙂

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