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got a call for a dispute with a
weapon right now Hey for 11:23 on Marley yeah that’s
right hey you still got the knife on you? You want to go ahead and toss it? Oh, do you have it on your person or no? Oh okay, you’re good then. What’s going on? Basically, um, my guy friend, we just talk, you know. Okay. So the child’s mother found out that we’ve been talking Um, you know, basically I guess you can call it messing around. Where did this all take place, here or down there? Down there. okay
yeah the stop sign okay what uh how did it all transpire down there like what
was everybody doing over there? Well, I met her halfway, and I had my, you know, weapon because I didn’t want her to come near me. If you felt threatened why’d you go over there? She was coming towards me though. No, you said you met her halfway. Yeah, and you were gonna end
it with a knife she’s trying to say that she was scared
and trying to defend herself and everything like that but she’s
introducing a weapon into a situation I’m gonna go down there to that one
Brown house to see if I can make contact with the other half. Hey guys
y’all have any idea what’s going on with the lady over here? Does anyone
know her? that’s what we’re here for. So she said. How you doing ma’am? She said that this house she described as the orangey brown
house down here that she was friends with a guy that stays here that there
was an altercation between her and another female here now like it was just
verbal but she said that the the one female from here walked about halfway to the stop sign she came out to the stop sign and met her with the butcher knife No? We was in our yard the whole time looking at her. Just looking at her? Yeah. She had a big ass butcher knife in her hand. Everybody in his neighborhood know her. I spoke with them down there at the house and
they have no idea what I’m talking about do you have any proof that that all this
happened? Oh I do, just read this. It says “bitch, get your slow ass out of my inbox before
I beat your ass, what’s your problem? I heard you been outside talkin reckless
I’ll be in the hood later on if you still poppin that ****.” This was at 10:00 this morning? Okay. so they have the same last name? Yep. Are you gonna be okay? I’m gonna be alright. I’ll be okay. My boyfriend’s coming later. it’s it sounds like the weird love
triangle that’s going on right now is very she’s up there laughing right now I
don’t know what’s going on with her it sound like there’s a weird love triangle
going on right now they didn’t want to give me any information she earlier said
that he was just a friend now that she’s saying that he’s her boyfriend I don’t
know if he knows that but hopefully they’re able to just leave each other
alone if they’re out here fighting hopefully they can just stop

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  1. I understand the cops don’t know all the details yet, but for a cop to tell someone who felt threatened, that having a knife on their person for self defence is “introducing a weapon into the situation,” I just feel like that’s wrong. Because if that same cop felt threatened in a situation, I’m sure he’d have his gun right beside him to protect himself. I don’t see why its not appropriate for a citizen to do that but it is for a cop.

  2. The first thing I do if I am that cop is to order the Rasta dude to pull his friggin’ pants up. Then I can figure out what is going on. But those britches MUST come up

  3. That black woman at the orangy house is too calm for her finding out her man could be cheating on her. Therefore the first woman must indeed be crazy

  4. She needs to lose about 200 lbs. and enter a psychiatric ward, he needs to pull up his pants and stop showing the world his dirty underwear

  5. Weird thing is the lady in the background had the same fendi shirt as the guy did when the cop came over and took a look at her phone.

  6. The picture on the girls phone was the girl in the background at the other house playing with the kid. same shirt anyway

  7. Ohhh wow I wonder there she was been lori Beth Denbert from all that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Two things, why is the girl wearing a Halloween hair band? Why do ppl live in rual areas thats surrounded by trees and squirrels call where they live, the Hood?

  9. No job, no life and all the time on their hands to create drama with the neighbors and breed while living on a government pay check.

  10. There's a lady near my apartment complex ,she's crazy she's flips off people as they drive by and she swears too her insults are so funny though ,she's white and in the hood. Her finger in bent like the cannibals from Wrong Turn.

  11. Officer was right. If you're that scared, don't take a butcher knife down the middle of the street and meet someone halfway. She's the aggressor, no doubt!

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