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You are looking for tips and advices to perfect your craft? You’re on the right place. I aim to help you through some videos putting under the light a principle, key point, a tip, a mistake to avoid… I am Lionel Froidure, I am practicing since my childhood and I am teachning for over 20 years and today at Blagnac Arts Martiaux in the south of France. I traveled everywhere to train with budo legends like in Japon, Okinawa, China, Philippines, Korea, Vietnam… I was in Okinawa last summer 2019. I think that after the training under the eye of your sensei at the dojo the best way to improve on the mat is to learn with videos. Why? Because the 3 ways of transmission channels are : the sight, hearing and touching. And video gives you 2 : sound and image. To be able to get all my upcoming videos subscribe now and don’t forget to check the bell to receive the notifications. I happy to see you on my next video : 2 per month at least. See you soon and keep the good training.

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  1. Je regarde cette vidéo juste avant de passer ma ceinture jaune comme ça je serai déjà dans l esprit karaté avant d entrer au dojo

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