L’INSTINCT DU LOUP ET LES SPORTS DE COMBATS !! ?? avec Antoine Nochy spécialiste du Loup

They make a fight at
dead okay and they have techniques out of all their life to them it’s a
fight all their life it’s a reflection to align to improve the fight and the arts
martial it’s fine but the martial arts
it comes from where the bubble kung fu all that there are always animals there are
always tricks we are always in relationship and animals and ben I have
a friend and I’ll introduce you you to have looked at that then he and
I will tell you and do not walk will then have it in practice
like me are going to have fun all by against an animal specialist
Thursday animals because I have not want to talk only about an animal a
elements here is there really it is going explain to you the things that got me
explained and it’s royal at the bar when I tell royal bar is to listen well and
think a little about the relationship between humans animals animals animals
humans you will see it’s top level the end
books and I am a total fan now once you have
listen you’re going to be a fan me thank you to have come hello everyone welcome to my
chain so as you said my frerot Alain Figlarz who just left because
that you know the hyper busy today we receive another of my
friends Antoine Nochy Antoine thank you for being
Come on it’s so fun antoine he is an ecologist engineer but he is
especially and that’s what interests us today he is a wolf specialist
he wrote a great book called “the beast that ate the world” so here is this book I advise you
it really is beautiful okay learns things super essential and
that’s what we’ll try to do speak a little bit in this video
so me antoine I rubbed him because that he’s also fighters okay he
boxing I do karate on is both in maccabi
paris by the way it’s here today that we shoot and as I know it’s
a fighter and who is interested in wolves once we spoke like that
around coffee after training and I asked myself with Lyon it’s
my goal i wanted to ask him and that’s what was asking now
antoine what is the link between the instinct of the wolf and the sports of
fight then we will be very simple okay the animal these letters who has the
movement in him he’s gifted with the movement ability so the animal
okay he’ll teach us the movement the animal so he goes to us
learn the mastery of the space of the time
what is a fight a fight is the mastery of space and
time to impose his will agree more the animal and the wolf in
particular to go eat okay lobster carnivores to eat
he keeps going to the contact he is not not far he is not in the trap
there are animals that trap like the spiders agree or animals that
are the weapons almost the jet weapons like the spitting cobra like the
snakes when they bite agree but it’s always the mastery of space
and time but there are animals like the lion the wolf whenever they go
eat it takes a fight that make a tobacco to death okay and they have some
techniques they have techniques for manage to master the effective distance
ok time effective a little beast of agreement of
their whole life to them it’s a fact and iii all their life it’s a reflection
to align to improve the fight agree with 2.2 two big entities
the war the war between the wolves the war in quotation marks the report to the
hunt for food and then the scrambles that may have to
inside the pack inside the same with the pack
the battles are ritualized it’s the fighting there are rules and a question
that I want to ask you is what a bit like a karateka a fighter
who prepares what we do is what the one where there is a notion of mind is
what there is a look to over mental than another wolf for example the wolves
wolves it’s like men they have a personal way
to embody the cat as it does at its way there are big trends
there are already cowards there are some liars there are courageous there are some
recklessly okay all that this exists the one where okay so actually he
has a personality and he will forge his mental using his personality of
give his consistency and he wants he can have the chance to have evidence that
are going to do that yes compared to a other or a wolf alpha x okay can
to have a lot more courage of intelligence
the political intelligence of force of self-denial to succeed who wants
that his neighbor who is also a wolf alpha and that is ultimately more pay
not but all that to say that the competition
the language oise agreement comparison is less good is something that is a
structure elements of the reports wolves enters a note
it’s very important it’s a factor this hierarchy that has between wolves
alpha who are the new producers the walls a priori everyone
the strongest beta wolves agreeing children who who can in
waiting for this moment by the alpha laws they can who can claim to become
a day of alfa and omega wolves who are just the wolf’s pedestrian
normal who are normal who do not have a crazy ambition a capacity to
crazy is relationships of jealousy it’s the competition relations
pascal or omega that has no ambition it will work two years and then at
two years old when he turns three for example and bye ambitions margin
so basically if I understood correctly the sports champion the champion of a
discipline the number to the gold medal it’s an alpha wolf it’s an alpha wolf
which necessarily goes necessarily who has to find companions because otherwise
there is the fact that slab okay because that alpha it is alpha with the
others and the alpha he’s not in a report all alone so we’re always
there with them no it’s not know I am more naughty yeah I’m even
stronger so if they sweat the performant I am most loved first agree a
more beloved fork is interesting of a yes I am higher if I am
more to love is obviously because if I still have qualities
still agree the first of qualities is what did you do to
through second quality affection to through the group and the affection
we can give ourselves challenges extremely difficult and succeed them
agree and recover the food from serenity because the territory he has
prey on it and that it is poor country constantly by the neighbors who are
of 1 okay that’s the game ok and finally the
last question we’ll finish on a last question antoine because I
know that like we told you also one is a subject here is there
a lot a lot to say of course we will have the opportunity
no comment to ask questions to make further requests we will have
the opportunity to reprocess it but the last question I would like
to conclude antoine what is a champion for example someone young
they train yvette champion de fight since it’s our sport of
karate fight boxing what is a champion he can
learn looks and what are the docks the things we can learn
wolves for us to be better fighters the tenacity the fact that side
fighters you can only be because that there are people behind you who do not
correct who criticizes who pushes you okay that’s fundamental okay and
the last aspect is that when you you are champion you are you did not train
you are surrounded by counselors criticisms and where we propose to become
something other than what you do to be better no tender word to the
climb when you’re champion embodies the karate you do karate but to be
champion to be you as a champion you are going to
do it your way so you’ll have a dose of what do you do our that you
executes with tenacity and people who surround you with inventiveness upstream
are you going to be a being who is able to exploit the field of things
possible show that’s called the field of possible all that is possible I
want to do it he is there normally I can not
bed and ben I’ll skip a balance between the face is
completely crazy it’s completely crazy because there is going to be there they would
may block or dodge me and to make me break a leg
it’s just so crazy that I will do like the wolf or the snake
in front of the mouse I stopped the time there going to watch me do it so crazy
what am I doing and he’s going to take it in the mouth and if that takes in the
mouth and he falls and the champion is you
you did something and unexpected is to master the space and time at this
ope thank you very much antoine frankly that’s
hyper interesting I hope you have remembered all because there is really
really very good advice and a very big connection between the wolf instinct
of the wolf and the combat sport thank you antoine thank you to maccabi
paris having received us thanks to alain who had to leave for a little introduction
it’s always a pleasure Thank you for following friends
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videos and with Antoine we tell you to very quickly thank you everyone
goodbye see you soon

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