Lightning Defense Martial Art

Welcome to Lightning Defense Martial Art
where martial art, fitness, and technology come together.
Our martial art creates a high-intense, adrenaline-pumping work out. By using
heart rate monitors during our classes, some of our members have reported
burning over 1200 calories in one session! This is because we practice the
martial art- Kumdo which literally means “the way of the sword”. Worldwide there are
over 10 million practitioners. Kumdo is a modern Asian of sword-fighting martial art with ancient origins that uses bamboo swords and
light armor and is unique to other martial arts because it allows
practitioners to use one’s full force as an actual combat yet without the risk of
serious injury. The result is a high-intensity, vigorous
exercise experience like no other that puts you on a journey to help you
find the best version of yourself enabling you to better protect what’s
important and make our communities and country stronger. Kumdo is about delivering what would be a single lethal blow to one’s opponent using lightning speed and power. Though protective armor is used and it is full
contact, Kumdo is yet a martial art of finesse and precision with a myriad of
physical and mental health benefits. One of them is that in Kumdo you can compete with anyone
regardless of size, age, or gender. Though in other martial arts
these are limiting factors, being that Kumdo is primarily skill-based, these
factors are less relevant. Here are some of our members after class. Really good! As you see you get a really good sweat. Lot of fun. It was amazing! It’s great! So a lot of exercise. For me middle-aged man so there’s brief moments of practice
where I feel like I did when I was young and working out hard. So
you forget aches and pains for a second. It’s amazing! At Lightning Defense Martial Art you
benefit of learning from Grandmaster Soon Chil Chang who has dedicated
his life to teaching world-class level Kumdo and has been doing so for
nearly 30 years. As Seventh Degree Black Belt
Grandmaster Chang is of the most decorated and respected Kumdo masters in South Korea
and the U.S. having won countless tournament and accolades. He embodies the
essence of Kumdo- To face challenges with courage and ferocity and to never give
up but rather to fight to the end. Thank you for visiting our website.
Please call us if you have any questions and to begin a lifetime of a healthy
mind and body from practicing Kumdo.

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