Learning Martial Arts and Combat Sports Online?

What’s up guys, Preston here with another episode of Grappler Going Abroad. This week I didn’t
really have any ideas for I wanted to talk about in regards to Judo, wrestling, and karate. but
then I was taking a shower and I really got to thinking, theres been a lot of drama going on within
the BJJ Community in regards to the Gracie University and giving out belts online to people who
are mo st likely under qualified to be holding belts. specifically blue belts. I kind of want to weigh in
some of my thoughts on learning a martial art or learning a combat sport online. in this day
and age it’s almost impossible not to turn to YouTube or any online resources in regards
to help supplement your training. I mean I had a conversation with my sensei after looking up instructional videos and
compilation videos of the Korean reverse seoi nage. Now, this is a technique that he knows
about but he’s not too familiar with, because when he was competing wasn’t really done a
lot in competition. so when I brought those videos to him he helped me kind of break
down how the technique works after watching and rewatching all these videos over and over
again until it clicked. and he really help me to get a grasp on how to do the reverse seoinage correctly without endangering myself and my uke or whoever I’m competing against
and then he proceeded to give me a talk about utilizing and really maximizing online
video as a means of supplementing your training he said there’s no reason not to turn to the
internet and it with so much information being processed through the internet and YouTube
and online video there’s no reason not to use video at the means of supplementing your
training if it can give you an edge in competition and give you an edge in your training so why
not use it. but that’s something that really stuck with me. that’s the reason why I started
doing some instructional videos on how to do some techniques. techniques that I’m particularly good at
. there’s certain things that I probably because I’m not qualified to teach those techniques.
I think using online video as a supplement to your training can really give you give
you an edge. It gives you something to work for, something to work at in your training
whenever you’re doing your uchikomis, when you’re doing drilling. while that’s important, I think
only using online video as a means of your training is really, really bad, like, super bad,
because you have no idea under the circumstances the people who are giving out these rank certificates, you know, the Gracie University, they don’t understand there’s no quality control because there’s no one
supervising them in terms of whether they have people to drill with or people to practice these
techniques. whether or not they ‘re actually proficient at the techniques that they’re learning
and whether they’re qualified to in return teach these techniques. final verdict, no, you should
not be the only using online video as a means of learning your techniques and this is something
that’s been going on in martial arts forever. You look at those old VHS tapes of like, karate instructional videos
and people been trying to streamline and bring instructions to the 21st century for as long
as I’ve been practicing martial arts. But does this ever actually work. In my opinion, no,
it does not work. you need to have active drill Partner, you need to have someone supervising
you to be able to tell you whether you’re doing the technique right, first off, and be
able to correct you on what you’re doing it wrong. that way when you’re drilling you’re not doing
the technique the wrong way .It basically stops bad habits from forming. that’s all I
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