Learn Sword Fighting 12 – The Indes

Hello and welcome to another episode of your sword fighting tutorial with Gregor, with Gedi and myself Bert. We are from Dreynschlag and today we are going to show you the principles of the Vor, of the Indes and the Nach. The Vor means: You hit your opponent before he can finish his attack. The Nach means: You hit your opponent after he finished his attack. The first two we already showed to you in the last two episodes. What we are going to do now is the Indes which means: You intercept the attack movement of your opponent. Okay gentlemen: Let’s get to it. Gedi is leading the attack with a right Oberhau. Gregor is deflecting the blow by turning his sword using the thumb grip. He also protects himself with the false edge of the blade And now Gedi wants to continue his attack by performing a left Zwerchhau. Stop please. At the same time Gedi is turning: When Gregor realizes that he has lost the binding what he is doing now is pushing forwards while Gedi is continuing his attack. Please go on. And now Gregor intercepts Gedi in the middle of his movement. And the pretty thing here is: He caught his hands and protects himself from Gedis blade. This is the Indes. What we are going to show you now is a possible finish of this: a throw.

15 Replies to “Learn Sword Fighting 12 – The Indes

  1. Dass das Audio Mono nur auf dem linken Ohr kommt stresst mich immer wahnsinnig wenn ich versuch eure Videos mit Kopfhörern anzuhören

  2. I just wanted to let you guys know I've been watching all your videos and been practicing some of the techniques you've been showing, you guys are great. I'm just getting myself into HEMA and hopefully find myself a club to join soon. I love this stuff and please keep on making more videos if can I'm learning quite a lot here lol.

  3. Essa técnica temos testado com a katana e com sabre militar ocidental com grande êxito, vídeo ótimo excelente instrução

  4. hi! hätte da mal ne Frage: Ist das Schwert, dass Gregor benutzt, eine Nachbildung des Cluny? und wenn ja, von welchem Schmied ist es? Danke schon mal für eure Antwort!

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