Kung Fu Weapon Training & Meihuaquan : Slamming Bo Staff in Shaolin Kung Fu

Now I’m going to show you another step, technique
which is pretty common in Shaolin Martial Arts. It’s called Slamming the Staff. In Chinese
it’s called Shuai Guan. Standing straight, you want to hold your Staff over your head,
get into Crouch Stance, slap, up, down. Let’s do that again. Straight, down, crouch, down,
up, turn. Let’s go again, up, down, up, turn. Okay. Now let’s do it forward. Stand straight,
down, up, turn. One more time, down, up, turn. Okay. Ladies and gentlemen this is called
Slamming the Staff, it builds up your power, okay. So when you hit your Staff it becomes
harder so if you hit something with the Staff, I mean the thing’s hurt, okay. So I mean this
is called Slamming the Staff and it gets you to increase your strength, improve your strength.
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Bruce Wen.

22 Replies to “Kung Fu Weapon Training & Meihuaquan : Slamming Bo Staff in Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. because if someone was there you would have hit them?
    its like people shadow boxing, they are not actually hitting anyone but the technique is applied in a fight

  2. I agree with you. It IS very effetive but only in a dojo setting. As for real combat, it is highly doubtful that a fighter or anyone in general, will have access or walk around or bring to a fight , a Staff.

  3. and you are a very Ignorant fool for making such a remark without knowing me. In real life of course……
    If you are incapable of egaging in a debate repectfuly, I suggest you keep your cooments to yourself and just watch the video….

  4. You can make a staff out of a broom, a mop, any long stick you find. Restaurants have an abundance of those. Improvised weapons are the name of the game in a street fight, and knowing how to use a long wooden stick is going to be advantageous should you come across one in a fight.

  5. lol 3 months.

    ic. ok. that was not immediately apparent.

    it's true, some people speak for sake of filling the silence between breaths, and not everyone deserves the explanation.

  6. Actually some who know, DO say, and what they say is that platitudes like 'he who says does not know. he who knows does not say' are the product of a lazy mind.

  7. 1:08 "guess who, i mean this is horse slamming a staff and it gets you to increase your strength, and poof your strength, it is a gentleman, i'm Bruce Wen"

  8. training with weapons gives you an incredible notion of distance and timing…so even if you haven't got a BO in a real life confrontation, the training would be useful somehow. i know exactly the distance i reach with a bo or without it. so i will fast know how to engage if i need to 😉

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