Kung Fu Weapon Training & Meihuaquan : Kung Fu Bo Staff Moves 13-18

Continuing from the previous section, now
we’re going to go on to our next section. Let’s continue from the previous section.
Okay, so continuing from here, you’re going to step forward with your right leg, rotate
your Staff, now you’re going to kick with your right and bring this hand down, kick
with your right, go down, turn in; one, two, step forward, rotate your Staff, okay, step
back with your right leg at this, okay. Now you’re going to go this way, one, two, three,
okay, four; one, two, three, four. Okay, let’s go again. One, two, three, four, five, six;
one, two, three, four. Okay, one more time. Okay, one, two, three, four, rotate, turn
one, two, three; one, two, three, four. Ladies and gentlemen this concludes this section
of the Staff Lesson. I’m Bruce Wen.

47 Replies to “Kung Fu Weapon Training & Meihuaquan : Kung Fu Bo Staff Moves 13-18

  1. Hye !

    Search for the video named "Kung Fu – Shaolin Staff" by deldebio, I think this is the same, but with normal speed.

    Good job for this really useful video.

  2. wtf how strong do u have to be to hurt someone? lol. if he hit me with that, fast, not like that, i would just go "ouch" and get angry =P

  3. UFC has rules that any shaolin mnk can't comply with. For example, iron palm or even any of the "72 arts of shaolin" wouldn't be allowed such as YI ZHI JIN GANG FA

  4. kung fu is not fake. why is the new standard in the world becoming "let them sign up for ufc" "they cant handle mma" i dont understand that. some people who do that are really talented dont get me wrong, but some are just meatheads.

  5. yeah i know what you were saying you just said the same thing to the other people who disagreed with you. chinese dont do K1 or UFC because they are about the true meaning of martial arts. which, is to keep peace and use fighting as a last resort. that message has disappeared too much in the world and its a shame.

  6. this is how ANY training for ANY kind of fighting begins. you crawl, then walk, then learn to fly. Any one who expects to start off as a master of any fighting style (whether learning in the modern day to shoot a firearm or fight unarmed) is a moron and has no place being in ANY fight.

  7. calling people faggots is finding inner peace? wouldn't inner peace come with knowing you have the confidence to properly defend yourself in a fight? if the techniques you practice are not applicable, then you are blind to the Way. Doing useless thing is sickness, and to find inner peace you must rid your body and mind of sickness.

  8. san shou isnt traditional gung fu its only called that becuz its preacticed in china, san shou is basicly mma thats it

  9. im not saying it was started after all the mma shit, its not traditional gung fu! its basic boxing kick boxing and wrestling MIXED MARTIAL ARTS!!!!! dumb ass

  10. wow you dont understand anyone but your self do you? im not saying its the MMA like you see on tv and shit its really all kick boxing and wrestling as i said before and when two or more styles are put together oh guess what its called mixed!!!! martial arts, and i study shaolin gung fu tai chi and wing chun, san shou is nothing more than modernized kick boxing with throws

  11. the charecter is GUNG not kung thats the american fucked up version so deal with it or go read someone elses comments

  12. our style is called tiek soo chang chuan fa, its basicly the first basic style taught to the monks by da mao but we mix in some tai chi, bagua, whin chun, and every now and then some chi gung

  13. san shou is nothing like mma. mma is a stupid american sport and is nothing compared to san shou. san shou is gung fu sparring idiot. NOT mma

  14. im too mad iv explained this soooo many time im not talking about mma that you see on tv, im saying its a mixed martial arts not sticking to one kind such as just striking or just throws it mixes both type you dip shit why dont you read the entire convo before you speak

  15. It's the same thing, gung fu is more from the south of China, but Kung fu is the same thing but it also means mult. things in Chinese. Kung fu, gung fu, wushu(means also mult. things such as the sport you see in the Olympics with the gymnastics, for show) mean the same thing.

  16. what should I do or use to prevent woodworms from getting inside my new waxwood staff and what do I use to keep the wood fresh, thanks for the help

  17. wushu is the chinese word for "martial arts", pretty much.
    kung fu (or Gong fu, same word, it's just that chinese is difficult to write acurately with latin letters) is training long and hard in order to aquire skill. in other words, working hard to become good at something. you can have a kung fu in painting, baking, drawing, or martial arts for example.

  18. in simplicity, that's what i said, like you said it's the easiest way to see it. But Gong fu(or gung fu), like i said before, is more of a term you would find in southern china. But today, wushu is more known, in the western world, for the olypmpic sport even though it translates "martial arts" in Chinese.

  19. I am a Shaolin Instructor and did not like this guy at the start, but I've got to say, you have to give this guy some credit, he comes on each time and demonstrates all this for free. all credit to you Shifu

  20. well, that's like saying "which is better, martial arts or martial arts?". Both are extremely varied. And in most martial arts, it's not the art itself that makes you good, it's how long and how hard you've practiced it.

  21. yeah, but Bruce Lee's style is inspired by already existing styles. He takes the useful stuff and discards the rest, so it's half inspired by ancient stuff. But I suppose since he uses more varied styles, it should be more polyvalent, and somewhat "better" than wushu

  22. @Rangerhalt1 Wushu is a more traditional style which is used for physical and mental "enlightenment" and is damn awesome ;D. jeet kune do is the best style for self defence

  23. @Rangerhalt1 Bruce Lee was someone who trained insatiably. You see him do what you would consider "weird" things all the time in the name for training. If you read about him, you will find he did CRAZY things to become faster,stronger,etc. They are not meaningless, however. Wushu is the same.

  24. @hirofuntv2 You do notice the wall is right behind him and he either had to hit the wall and fuck up or hit his master and fuck up even worse.

  25. @gcollin69 Actually you imbecile! I am a 35th Shaolin disciple and have 19 yrs + experience, with a very good fight (San Shou) and Toulu record. My instructor is Shi Yan Ming Chen, Check him out. As for Shi Fu Wen, I was showing my respect for his dedication to spread the word to those who are curious about this style. I can't expect an idiot with "69" after his name to understand this. You must have mistaken this network for porn, unless Shifu Wen caught your fancy…?

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