Kung Fu Self Defense : Kung Fu: Wrist Grab Defense

Hi, my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center, and today we’re going to be showing you self defense against a side
wrist grab. Ok, so if you’re standing at a sideways angle and someone grabs your hand
like this, ok, most importantly you want to twist your wrist straight up. Ok, and if you
notice, I twist my hand this way. This helps loosens their grip and helps keep you in balance.
At the same time you want to pick up your knee, then keep your hand up so it creates
an opening, and kick straight inward. Ok, so again. He grabs, twist my hand straight
up, twist the fingers up, pick up the knee, ok, and kick straight in. You can kick to
the ribs, you can kick straight to the armpit and pull a little bit, ok, or you could also
kick to the knee. So again, you’re here. Twist, pick up the leg, and kick. Ok, it’s very important
to train this so you can do all the actions at once. Ok, so all at once. So he grabs,
ok, you want to twist and kick all at once. That’s the proper way to perform self defense
against a side wrist grab.

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