Kung Fu Panda FULL GAME Movie Longplay (X360, PS3, PS2, Wii) – Godmode

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  1. I'm 13, and it wouldn't seem like this was a childhood game for me, but it is, had this on the wii brings back so many memories.

  2. When you there was a battle between the five and Tai lung, At the end when you had to press B, A and Y, I pressed B and A and i saw tai lung fall off the cliff but when i didn't press Y he was back up and both Viper and Mantis got hit.

  3. I remember playing this and the first time it took like 6459495528 years and the second time was easy😂

  4. Kung fu panda, one of the best movies ever made, by one of the best directors, Mark Osborne

  5. Throwing explosive trap ball at the Great Gorilla really requires a good workout that sure does pay off

  6. I really wished if this was taken place during the events of the 1st Kung Fu Panda movie and throughout

  7. Holy shit. I'm really glad to see that I'm not the only person coming back to this for nostalgia purposes. I remember putting so much time into this game. Such good times

  8. I remember playing this nostalgia game when I was 5 YL(2012) well actually I am not really playing but my dad playing this game and I sit beside him while watching my father I miss my childhood😭🥺

  9. This was my 1st xbox 360 game and Indiana Jones lego hahaha. I miss those days. que triste de verdad jajaja

  10. This was another great game from my childhood, first spongebob battle for bikini bottom, then James Bond, Assassins creed, man soo many Memories

  11. Main Things I Remember.

    Snow Stone Pillar Things.
    Stealing Egg.
    Chase Scene After Stealing Egg.
    Jumping Across the little polls to fight the Cat things.
    Rocket Scene into becoming the Dragon Warrior.

  12. 1:54:41 that part was my favourite everytime like I waited for it and when it finally came I was so happy. I was like "YESS MY FAVOURITE PART!!!!"

  13. My little brother used to like this game and he used to get beat up by me because he kept staying up at five in the morning so I just accedently broke his game

  14. I remember these levels and every part of them.
    I miss this game
    And a little fighting technique, if you rapid tap block and fast attack you'll hit fast as heck. It's very effective

  15. The gameplay was enjoyable but what truly made me remember this game for so long is the multiplayer. I remember playing the multiplayer for hours everyday with my friends…fun times of childhood

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