Kung Fu Panda (2008) – Tai Lung’s Escape Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

– Oh, no!
– What’s happening? To your battle stations!
Go! Go! Go! – Fire cross-bow!
– Fire! Fire! Tai Lung’s free. I must warn Shifu. You’re not going anywhere.
Neither is he! – Let go of me.
– Bring it up! Wait! Bring it back! – He’s going this way!
– He won’t get far. Archers! We’re dead. So very, very dead. Not yet, we’re not. Now! Can we run now? Yes.

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  1. Appropriate use of dark colours. Many films would just overuse this trick to death. But here, it's only used when necessary.

  2. I’m not sorry, but as a male I can’t believe people actually say, this scene scared me as as a child, Wtf? This was awesome to my 7 year old brain.

  3. 2:06 2:07 2:08 2:09 2:10 2:11 2:12 2:13 2:14 2:15 2:16 2:17 2:18 2:19 2:20 2:21 2:22 2:23 2:24 2:25 2:26 2:27 2:28 2:29 2:30 2:31 2:32

  4. TAI LUNG has joined the chat

    MASTER OOGWAY has left the chat

    PO has joined the chat

    Po: Skadoosh
    TAI LUNG was kicked from the chat

  5. You know the bad guy had an awesome introduction when you find yourself asking the question: How did he lose? Now seriously, how did Poe even come close to magically learning a secret technique in order to beat this guy. I know good guys have to win but in many movies I watch(animated and live-action), the villain is both more relatable(even likable) and so much more powerful than the would be hero.

  6. If you notice in that scene, Tai Lung is never actively trying to kill any of the guards. Do some of them die? Almost certainly. However, Tai Lung is mostly just trying to get them out of his way. There are even moves where he could have easily thrown some of the guards off the edge of the causeways without losing any momentum, but did not. He is an honorable fighter. Vicious, strong, and evil, certainly, but honorable.

  7. 1:29 – 1:31 you can say what you want about it being an animated family movie, that right there is just cinematic art.

  8. Michael Clarke Duncan legend! Phenomenal actor, bodybuilder and powerlifter! Missed!!!!


    1:40 gets me all the time! Never celebrate too early!!!

  9. This scene was like 10 times cooler when i watched it as a kid lol. Still good though today and Tai Lung is still my favourite character from Kung Fu Panda.

  10. Why didn't they teach the guards Kung Fu? If a turtle, chicken, and a panda can do it why can't rhinos? There's would have been hundreds of Kung Fu knowing rhinos there and would have probably stopped Tai Lung since he was nearly stopped by 5 master's and not even a master can stop thousands of lower skilled students

  11. If those army hadn't do anything but watch, TL may never find a way out. But when they keep attacking, then each movement of them was used by TL to escape…

    Perhaps this is to emphasize that: One often meet his destiny on the way he takes to avoid it…

  12. Here's my question…if you want to keep Tai Lung locked away forever…WHY ON EARTH would you design a lock with a KEYHOLE ….

  13. Honestly, a lot of luck was involved in this escape. There’s a bunch of times in this scene where Tai Lung could have died or failed, even with his amazing skill.

  14. I’m starting to think this movie took some creative liberties when it cane to physics…
    Is a feather really that strong?

  15. Imagine if Tai lung really became the dragon warrior…would he be good or evil? Cause he only turned evil when he wasn't chosen to be the dragon warrior.

  16. youd think the locking mechanism on his back would need a special kind of key, which only shifu would have on him, instead of any old duck feather. or, better yet, melt the key and hide the key mold in case you need to make a new one. that way theres no existing key for his back cage.

  17. Without the feather he couldn't have taken off the shell
    Without the ballista bolts he couldn't have broken the manacles.
    Without the lift, he couldn't have survived the arrows
    Without the cut in the chain he couldn't have swung up to the battlements.
    Without the dynamite, he couldn't have destroyed the gates

    A man often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it

  18. Am I the only one that realizes he has been waiting there for a feather to land on his shell thing I mean imagine if the feather landed next to him then he wouldn’t be able to escape

  19. That chief rhino sure talked a lot of smack when Tai Lung was "completely immobilized" but peed his pants once he was free.

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