Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 12 ENDING

Thanks, Po. Let’s move quickly– I know
where Xiao Dan’s throne room is! Lead on, Viper! Aahhh! Wha–?! And here he is! Tonight’s challenger– the masterful Po! He thinks he can save Gongmen City. But he’s wrong! Gongmen City should belong to the strong,
the cunning, the ruthless… Someone like… ME!!! Quite the showman, I must admit. So, fellow Komodo Dragons,
it’s time for the main event! It’s time for me, the mighty Xiao Dan… … to stop this chubby
furball once and for all! Are you ready for a real fight?! At least try to put up a fight, I’d
like my soldiers to feel inspired. Look, my scaly friends, Kung Fu is about
having the ability to fight… … but the wisdom to know
that you don’t have to. Think about me and
the Furious Five– we’re all different,
but we all get along. We celebrate our differences. You know what we Komodo
Dragons celebrate? A great conqueror! I’m only fighting you because I have to. And since I have to… … I think I’ll kick your scaly butt! Oh-ho-ho, yeah!! Okay, lizards, you want some of this? Po, you did it! You beat the Komodo Dragons! Pretty awesome, huh? But you all helped. It’s not about
the one, it’s about the all. Let’s go back to the city and celebrate, Po! Kung Fu always wins in the end. – Yeah!
– Whoa…. Thank you all for rescuing us. It was our duty.
And it was totally cool! You continue to make us all proud, Po. Citizens, I give you the Heroes
Of Gongmen City!

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  1. And what happens with the wolf boss, they put him in Gongmen's jail? He left for the last time in chapter 8 and the crocodile master defeats him.

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