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  1. Interesting, but not really that surprising. I mean, it was the NES, and the obvious simple explanation is that you fucked up the game just enough for something to go off screen.

  2. @bdcarlitosway it really makes u wonder doesnt it. maybe it was some1 with a huge bagg of weed and a bag of taco bell take out and an entire spring break with nothing to do

  3. @bdcarlitosway someone very bored with no life who spends all day playing games trying out all different kinds of gameplay possibilities

  4. @wawa865 sadly, you're partially right. I spend time at home and school all day studying. So, in that sense, I don't have a life. Thank goodness for the entertainment of Youtube.

  5. lol I always do that on all games that I play for example on mario where you are fighting bowser and jump to the flag right next to whe he touches you so mario can trow fire ball being little…

  6. @RyuMomochi sorry, that's not correct. A similar game in style on the Master System was rebranded from "Fist of the North Star" to "Black Belt" outside of japan, but this one never was a Fist of the North Star game.

  7. I also like the hidden 5,000 points trick:
    On every level of Kung Fu, there's a way to get an easy 5000 bonus points. Just jump kick the 12th enemy in each level for the points. However, if the 12th enemy isn't a gripper, you must wait for one to come along and kick him first for the points.

  8. @DarkDragonas Mike plays a lot of characters in AVGN vids, but he wasn't the Glitch Gremlin, that was Kevin Finn – the guy who played the ninja in the Ninja Gaiden ep.

  9. @MonoCabron123 There's a Kung Fu hack called "Cum Fu"!
    You can find it at iMockery.com
    I have never played any of iMockery's sick hacks,
    but you can see a lot of (sick) screen shots of the games, it's really fucked up!

  10. I still can't believe that this game is "based" on the movie Wheels on Meals (Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao). The Japanese version of the game even has the same name (Spartan X) like the Japanese version of the movie.

  11. I stopped playing this game when I was a kid because on the NES after I play for a long time I start seeing bars of color. Figured that wasn't good for my vision lol. Thank god for roms and I can try playing this again

  12. @blindsniper812 its like when u log into a messenger of urs

    and chatt with ur "girlfriend" or something
    and than after 30minutes its like "oh btw i use this account, but im just the brother" <.<

    disapointing all the way

  13. It just goes to show how crappy this game was back then that to extend the life you had to find glitches and set challenges for yourself. lol

  14. I thought that game was called spartain and the one with a character called lee wearing pink pants fighting a guy with a stick on the first level was called kung fu

  15. The Transcribe Audio function is surprisingly accurate for once. Either the system has been updated further, or if Mike is very well spoken and clear.

  16. who defuq wants to know tricks for a barely known nes game…ppl will just thumb up vids of a good reputation channel wont they? even if the vid is utterly shit

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