Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense : Kung Fu Leopard Style Hand Strikes & Method

Some of the hand formations used in the leopard
style, we’ll demonstrate. There’s a leopard fist also called the half knuckle punch is
made for a punching between solar cavities, goes in the solar plexus, goes in to the throat,
and between ribs. There’s a leopard claw, which has the fingers tight together, bent
at the second knuckle. This is used for grabbing and tearing. There’s a phoenix eye, which
is a single knuckle punch. Again, this is used for small targets, as in the temporal
nerve, eye strikes. That is to mark accupoints along the body. The knife hand is used with
the ridge of the hand in either horizontal or vertical strikes. This is also used against
a throat, back of the neck for knockouts. One was made popular in the old James Bond
movies. We also have a palm heel strike. Palm heel uses the bottom of the palm and is a
blunt blow as such. What we’re going to do is demonstrate a technique called leopard
springs forward. As I’m punching here, we’re going to do leopard climbs tree. What we’re
going to do is I’m throwing a punch, this arm is going to shoot out and just intercept
me. That one is going to hit in my center line. Almost like a leopard springing from
the bush. Now, the hand is blocking my arm. It’s going to wrap around putting torque
on my elbow. That twists me to where I can’t reach him with this hand, and that allows
him to tear my rotator cuff with the chop. Lets show that once again. As I’m bringing
the right hand punch, leopard springs on to the tree, that breaks my nose, the opposite
hand twists. This moves my hand out of range to reach him. It takes the elasticity out
of the rotator cuff and allows him to tear that with a single blow. We’ll go ahead
and do that just without my explanation. We’ll just run through it.

20 Replies to “Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense : Kung Fu Leopard Style Hand Strikes & Method

  1. It can have applications but the fancy names, lack of footwork, and lack of dynamic demonstration completely ****s things up.

  2. That would be wrong. MMA is for sport because they are limited to rules. Its not the art its the artist that defines it. BJJ is not the worlds best art, TKD is not the worlds best art, Shaolin is not also. The person works hard to get their skill an art doesnt make you u make the art. basicly no style is better then the other. I know some ppl who do MMA and they can fight on the street and some that cant. I know some Martial artist who can and some who cant fight on the street. hope this helps

  3. no it does not work better. with most Sifu's they teach you what is greatly usefull from the styles. the ground work from bjj is not greatly useful in a fight. Why? because u get then down to the ground yes that cool but what if they had a friend around the corner watching. now your in trouble. Im not saying bjj is bad just most ppl like you make mma seem like a god. they use bjj, muy thai, jujitsu and so on because it works for what they do. they are not on the street so we cant compare it

  4. Bro I'm not going to argue with you anymore. You are just not understanding what I been saying. I never said Bjj cant be used in a street fight just not not the most practical. Point blank if you can see there is no other person then just you and ur enemy then hell take his ass down to the ground. but if there is more then one person you don't want to end up on the ground. And lastly there is no best combo for self defense. you can take TKD and BJJ and still be good, it depends on how good you r

  5. @clfguardian The good thing about BJJ in terms of self-defense is that most street punks can't grapple for shit and wind up getting twisted. The one downside is that it's not good against multiple opponents.

  6. @clfguardian i read a cool thing about army training with bjj. they have to stress control rather than competition bjj. so they give one man out of 20 a taser and let them all roll around. if they dont control their opponent properly they get 20 000 volts lol. scary

  7. stop showing this fake gung-fu it is not hung gar nor sholin gung kuen. the leopard claw is meant to crush ribs or strike temple. hung gar gets its power by using breathing techniques and fast but accurate strikes and maiming formations…ever heard of chi chi ling he's hung gar kuen is proper

  8. UFC is a sport. Boxing, Kickboxing they are sports. Even Muay Thai is a sports version of Muay Boran. Traditional MAs were invented to kill, not to entertain people watching TV. Its funny how some people make fun of the Tiger claw in a kung fu video, but then see it in a Krav Maga video and they think its awesome. It's nothing but prejudice. The downside is that full power traditional techniques can land you in jail if you do them right, and land you in the hospital if done wrong and weakly

  9. Very true bro. If I may make a suggestion on one thing. Muy Thai Boran, the sport, is the demilitarized sport version of Muy Thai Chaiya. You could probably research it yourself. I wish you the best in your training, whatever it may be, and peace in your daily life. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope this helps.

  10. Does anyone know how to contact the instructor like bear? I'm an old student n would love to contact him

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