Kung Fu Conditioning : Kung Fu Tiger Push Ups

Hi, my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center. Today, we’re going to be showing you how to perform the Tiger Push
Up. Okay, so the Tiger Push Up, you want to spread your legs apart, okay, to where you’re
comfortable, go down on your fingers. Okay. And your body is at a slant. Okay. From your
tail bone down, you’re body a 45 degree angle, but keep your head up. Okay. And you start
by pushing forward, okay, deeply ver close to the floor and then coming back up and then
backwards. Okay, so again, you go straight forward, back and up. Okay. The idea on this,
is you want to work the chest muscles as well as the lower hips, and of course the arms.
Okay. This is created by the downward action that you’re doing. So once again from this
side, okay as you could see, you go down, going down at an angle, and then you come
back up and then straight back. Okay now a few errors are, some people they do it with
their palms completely flat with their fingers pointing forward. That’s very easy way to
lose balance and you don’t work the same muscles. Okay, so you want to go back on the fingers
and you don’t want your chest to touch the floor. So once again, you go down about an
inch off the floor and then one more. That’s the proper way to perform the Tiger Push Up.

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  1. We do these in our karate system as well. We call them simply fingertip rotating pushups. The only difference is we actually do them on our "fingertips" not "fingerprints".

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  3. @Seres1091 the firngers are actually supposed to be bent so you only touch the tips of them to the floor this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to easy

  4. The fingers are meant to be locked at the tiger-claw position so the very tips are in contact with the floor. Not only does this properly condition the fingers, which is what this exercise is supposed to be about, it also limits the damage done to the joints (which is a fair amount if you do it this guys way).

  5. In my style of Kung Fu, we do the tiger push-up the same way you would do a normal pushup, just with the Tiger's claw instead of an open palm. Same goes for Eagle pushup (first two fingers and thumb), snake pushups (using the blade of the hand only) and crane pushups (using the bent wrist).

  6. he is supporting his weight on his fingers' joints, he should bend them to train them and not get a permanent injure on his hand.

  7. @lpperalta1 Anyone who is into physical fitness slightly knows that the stronger your muscles around the joints and bones get the less stress the joints and bones will take when under load. And this goes for fingers as well. Perhaps he has been doing this for sometime now and his muscles in his hands are able to support such a load?

  8. Thank you for the post!
    However, it is unfortunate that some have shared the negative outlook on martial arts conditioning, that they have been influenced to adopt.
    I believe that their negativity has much to do with the sedentary lifestyle that many people live today. Their negativity towards the subject enables them to continue such behavior and shelters them from any change, in an otherwise positive direction.

  9. these are tight push ups especially when you do it with the diamond hand position.(that sounded like a kung fu term haha) hi my name is dan schmit and this is bob turner, were going to teach you chinese kung fu. hahah, just don't sound right to me

  10. this is why the Chinese didn't want non-Asians learning their martial arts, because douche-bags like these use it to fuel their ego. Thanks Bruce Lee -_-

    Don't get me wrong I respect Bruce Lee and all, it's just I'm tired of seeing pasty faced assholes trying to teach people martial arts that aren't even theirs to teach. It's not their culture, so they should quit trying

  11. @BrokenLimits100 Though I don't have any intention of joining this debate, as a Chinese I must admit that these days, as far as I can see, it's the westerners who love Kung Fu more than us Chinese. Though, it's not exactly accurate to say tons of people are better than the Chinese at Kung Fu. Our martial arts are different from others because though our martial arts can kill, we are strictly taught to refrain and to go the peaceful way. A master who doesn't stress on this is no true master.

  12. @bombb82 Yeah, that was sort of funny. The instructor must've kept his response to himself to keep the presentation smooth, Funny tho

  13. How long will it take for a person like me to able to bend my fingers? I can't even use them although i will still keep trying…somehow even if im not even in a class.

  14. @hulkout666 True, pardon my generalizing of a race. It would be fair to say the posers are the ones who ruin the idea of the martial arts, but that's usually what I see. I have seen many good teachers, but it seems like there is something lacking in what they're trying to teach. However, I'd like to thank you for calling me out on that, I'll be more mindful of who I'm talking about when I make my judgements (no sarcasm).

  15. @lordguardian3 It trains your upper body a lot like a normal push up, but is meant to condition your hands. Well conditioned hands are important for many basic grabs and hooks in Kung Fu 🙂

  16. Tiger Push-up? That looks like a half-assed Hindu or dive-bomber push-up. Do the whole motion. Dive down and actually push yourself back the same way you came into the motion. Much more effective.

    Proper video:

  17. Do you also stick out your tongue to lick the floor and clean it? Where do people come up with these strange "excercises"? Whats wrong with a regular push up instead of of this….. slide? Where in kung fu do you go doing this? Wax on-wax off at least has a defense use.

  18. @UpcomingJedi These are modified dive bomber push ups, the legs are splayed to decrease the lever length and place less strain on the fingers, this push up specifically conditions the fingers to have large amounts of force placed on them. this is for tiger claw techniques. If you want to see a good use of tiger claw-esque techniques look at carl cestari's stuff, or senshido, which uses a similar idea, but to much better effect than traditional kung fu IMO.

  19. @huffk1 I do have a life ^^ But I still got enough leisure time to amuse myself about pussy videos like this one 😀 And about Pussys like you 😀 I give a wet poop about what minor micefarts advising me what to do and what not to do.

  20. There are a few differences between these and what my Xingyi club does for tiger pushups. When we do these, we go under both forwards and backwards. Also, isn't it bad for the joints to let your fingers bend in, since your weight is bearing down and stretching the ligaments?

  21. I tried doing this but nearly broke my fingers. How do you think a beginner such as myself could peform this Push up? Any help or advice would be apreciated.

  22. @demonking653 i jab my walls with my figer tips every night…kills at first but eventually you have fingers of steel

  23. Actually, doing these push-ups properly prevents arthritis. I have seen very old Chinese masters who have done these push-ups regularly throughout their lives, and their hands are arthritis-free. The prime cause of martial arts-induced hand arthritis and disfiguration is "toughening training" (i.e. via a makiwara board or similar post), most common in Okinawan, Japanese, and Korean styles.

  24. Start off with your knees on the ground for support. Be patient but persistent. Begin with just one push-up each day, and move up slowly as your fingers become stronger. Take serious care to avoid injury (make sure your fingers remain straight). If you have determination and discipline, you will persevere.

  25. actually, the proper way to do the tiger push up is to have all five fingers forward only using your wrist to hold you up, elbows stay against the body, feet are on the toes 12 inches apart and you go forward stretching then snap back…but that's just part of it

  26. "but if you're from the Chines Martial Arts Center… why are you white?" haha mean girls reference xDDD
    Thank you very much for the tutorial, I train in tiger style kung fu and this has definitely helped me improve my finger strength as well as form(:
    many thanks!

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