KSI vs Logan Paul 2 – Highlights Full Fight 2019

KSI vs Logan Paul 2 – Highlights Full Fight 2019 like we said it’s never going to be
pretty but we’re watching two guys that feel I’m such a war over these these
last 40 matter – because you tumors from either side of the Atlantic clashing 50
months on from that draw oh close first round with a jab
I think JJ realizes that it’s not going to be the prettiest apparently me and
tall but he knows he really wants to win this fight
millions of people cheerleaders online everybody wants to know the outer cover
this fire good head movement level change these aggression is amazing honestly the energy you can feel it both
eyes warning these big Logan is now recognized the JJ has been a powerboat
guys warning I don’t want to play all KSI vs Logan Paul 2 – Highlights Full Fight 2019 that cards are worth one wise warning
coaster is : calculated here we are we are driver in this fight Geoffrey
shame relax let’s see knowing is there that was the
other cut that not care side the part on the back of the head may have to change
it from feeling the jitters Olga Jerry Shea relax the puzzled
may have just changed to be the legit macaca so he scores the knocked out they
lose the 2 points for baby when he was down cuz I got here
she’ll recover don’t do it man take two points you don’t even look bigger
take those legs they seem a little bit I think the lexer have really gone now
– I’m in reality depends the usual fights as we see week in week
out sort of irrelevant they first what really
for this and it means the world to them wouldn’t really credit these guys good
athlete you’re seeing two guys are absolutely giving it their all we didn’t know what was gonna happen
it was impossible to predict in so many ways and I think we realize that over
the two years sort of period that we’ve seen these two glasses
I think they’ve definitely found each other’s match here we go the definitely
go respect each other this fight we got this is then we go oh really
it depends a second is a decision from the United Kingdom KSI vs Logan Paul 2 – Highlights Full Fight 2019 Oh

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  1. Respect to both fighters for getting in the ring!!!
    Putting on the gloves and handling their problems inside the ring.
    #KSIVsLoganPaul2 #Boxinghighlights #Boxing

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