Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques : Round Kick Moves for Krav Maga

Hi! I am Steve “The Dragon” Jimenez along
with Heath Jones. In this segment, we are going to go over a round kick. Round kick
is very similar to the front kick, it begins the exact same way. The only thing is there
is a pivot involved, which turns the body and turn it into a horizontal somewhat of
a horizontal angled kick. What we are going to be targeting in this one is the knee and
the reason why is because you know that the wrong kicks the body cannot be good, it can
break some ribs, but what if the assailant that you have has very fast reflexes you are
throwing a wrong kick and now you are putting your leg a lot closer to the hands where they
can grab you and possibly take you to the ground. In a street fight you do not want
to be on the ground, I don’t care how good you are on the ground it’s just not the best
place to be. You want to be on your feet, being able to fight, fight, fight, attack,
attack and attack and be able to get away. Okay so now from here, I am going to go over
the front kick, it is just like the front kick, very similar to the front kick, so from
here I am going to come straight up. Knee comes up first, that is the first point of
the motion here. As my knees comes out just as if I were delivering a round kick. From
here my base foot, which is down there, the foot that is still attached to the ground.
From here I am going to pivot or rotate and make contact right here. We are going to go,
right to the knee, the reason why we are going to the knee, it does not take many points
of pressure to break the knee. So as I come straight across I can actually throw him off
balance possibly coming in with some more combat as here with the knee.

100 Replies to “Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques : Round Kick Moves for Krav Maga

  1. @diedjeefromnl true but he's showing how to defend yourself without crippling the attacker. although it can be tempting

  2. @diedjeefromnl yeah and get charged with injury and crap he is just showing you the most legal way to do this ya know

  3. A forward kick into the inside of the knee? I am trying to picture that. In order for you to pull that off. I would agree that it can cripple a knee, but the only way you can do that with a forward kick, the inside of the knee needs to be in front of you, which means that he would have to be facing away from you.

  4. God, this guy is full of shit. You're not going to break a knee with this kick — not gonna happen. In fact, if you kick someone like this you're not likely to do much damage and will probably just piss them off. This kind of kick to the knee is 100% legal in many full-contact competitions, such as MT. How often do you see it? Never, because it's a fucking waste of time. You're better off kicking them in the thigh where it can literally cause them so much pain that they limp.

  5. @kommisar the whole point is to ruin your attacker before he can hurt you. full-contact competitions are cool to watch on TV but that's not real life. i've used a knee kick, probably broke the would-be mugger's knee before, and it gave me time to get the fuck outta there

  6. As far as your bullshit story goes, "probably" broke his knee? So you don't know. Great, then why the fuck did you even tell the story? Chances are if you were to kick me in the knee, it would not break. Likewise, chances are if I were to kick you in the thigh, the place where you actually SHOULD kick, you'd fold up like a lawn chair. Neither you nor the dumbass with the annoying voice in the video have any idea what you're talking about.

  7. No, not buying it. Your story holds no water. There are plenty of good kickers in this world who could make you fold like a lawn chair, and yet despite that we don't see knee breaks in kickboxing matches where it's perfectly legal to do this maneuver. Neither you nor either of these fucks have any credentials to make such claims, nor have any evidence to back them up. Face it, you're a fucktarded, deranged loser who makes up stories and has never fought in his life. Grow up, you tool.

  8. Yet you told me to go to "Krav Magas house". Who the fuck is Krav Maga then, you bonehead, and where the fuck is this "house"?

  9. Show me where in the rules it says you can't kick to the knee, shit-for-brains. There are no bans on ANY sort of kicks to ANY part of the leg. You KM losers like to make shit up to fit your pathetic fantasy world. Go fuck yourself and learn to live in reality, you dunce.

  10. Still no video, asswipe? That's what I thought. You KM cultist lunatics sure do enjoy making shit up and then refusing to provide proof of it. No wonder we never see any of you faggots in competition.

  11. How's it my job to prove a negative, dummy? Do I also need to prove elves aren't real and the earth ISN'T flat? You're a fucktarded loser who credulously accepts bullshido. This move has been done in actual full-contact fights and has never broken anyone's knee like the two blowhards in the video claim it does. KM cultists are blowhards who get owned by beginner to intermediate MMA's.

  12. Actually, MMA's condition their shins unlike KM blowhards like the two douchebags in this video. This is because MMA's train for reality and only moves that work which they can pull off on a resisting opponent. Watch any KM sparring and you'll see none of this bullshit used in there; they use the same shit as any other art: punches, kicks, throws, etc. no bone-breaking nonsense, etc. because that shit doesn't work.

  13. Funny how all you can do is throw out butt hurt insults instead of defending the actual merits of your argument. This is because you have none; you haven't a leg to stand on. You rely on "proving" your arguments with zero evidence, such as real-life examples. This move has been DONE in fights and has never worked in the manner these two fat blowhards claim it does. Now, I expect in your next post you will just continue to cry and deny reality like the little bitch you are. Go fuck yourself.

  14. I wouldn't bother with this at all and can't invisage a scenario when a more effective strike couldn't be employed. By the time the opponent is thrown off balance and battered with your best combo strikes, one simple knee break will end it without the unnecessary theatrics. Easy, quick and saves a lot of beer spillage.

  15. Ahh good advice… or… when the attackers not looking you could call chuck norris and have him do a roundhouse kick FOR you…

  16. Anyways not trying to show off, but i know all these kicks and techniques quite well…cuz i did Kung Fu + MMA training for 3+ yrs

  17. Whether I like or dislike it doesn't change the fact that what the two dunces in the video are showing DOES NOT WORK.

  18. Pay attention, you dolt. The ass in the video says this will break a person's knee. I have seen people get hit by this very kick in the very spot he's kicking at. I have NEVER seen a break result from it. I too have been kicked in the knee and by this kick and have never even felt my knee hurt. It WILL hurt the person's leg, but not the knee. The guy in this video is full of shit.

  19. No, he said it would break the knee. He never said or inferred anything about destabilizing it, you dunce. Learn how to fucking listen.

  20. Prove it then, faggot. So far we have seen this kick used countless times on a person's knee and yet it doesn't break it. Saying this shit works the way the clueless guy in the video claims it does does not make it so. Leave the fighting for the adults and go back to your cartoons.

  21. Oh, wah, another butt hurt KM crybaby. You crybabies sure are prone to lashing out in anger when you have no argument to offer. Just goes to show the cultist mindset you get in martial arts.

  22. I read your dumbfuck comment, you inbred bitch, and you're still a blowhard moron who's never fought, let alone broken anyone's knee with this kick. I have seen PLENTY of "good solid round kicks" land on the knee in this way. Never once have I seen it break the knee. You can watch this in competition fights all the time. They do not hold back and can kick 10x as hard as either of these self-important tards, who most definitely canNOT kick with as much force as a baseball bat. Grow up, ass.

  23. If you were in so many fights, why didn't you use this handy little technique and break someone's knee as the guy in this video claims is so easy to do? I noticed you danced around the inarguable, cold fact that this kick is pulled off regularly in full-contact competitions and the knee is never broken. Either you're a liar or this guy is full of shit. I'm going to go with both.

  24. @awesomitated krav maga isnt a "pure" or "original" martial art is a derivation for various martial arts n normally the militias or some special cops team use this technique coz is excellent for weapon n for close combat sites.

  25. i find a front kick to the knee is much momre efficient, as you push forward once you do the front kick motion
    i usually go into a choke hold from there, and a simple drag takedown to put them on the floor.

  26. @JasonRedfield I KNOW! what the fuck? nothing makes krav NOT a martial art! Using the most effective techniques from other systems doesn't make it different! Would you say a collage isn't an art??

  27. @alejarren
    What's that supposed to prove? It's definitely a martial art. Look up Krav Maga on Google, tell me what you find. The definition even goes hand in hand with what Krav Maga is and the purpose it serves. Tell me, alejarren, what do YOU think a martial art is?

  28. @alejarren
    Guess what? The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program isn't an "art" either. Yet it's still a martial art. A martial art is any type of fighting system, which can serve a variety of purposes but often to defend oneself from a threat. It's a set of practices in doing so, as well. That's taken straight from a Google search. You're just so hung up the word "art" that you're being stubborn.

  29. Look at the comment section experts… them….they know everything.They have 10 years experience sitting at their computer telling other people who actually contribute what to do and jacking off to online porn.

  30. @An0niempje I am not describing myself,and I was specifically referring to this comments section.These people have no credentials,and yes,I often flick over to their channels to see whether they even have any videos.99 percent of the time the answer is no,they don't.

    If you know your stuff,why don't you make a reply video and show us all how "skilled you are".

  31. @An0niempje That is why,before a video,you state your username as proof of upload and create a watermark that cannot be easily removed.

    What I am saying is that your argument is flawed,and it is not only quantity,but quality.If you have no videos then there is no proof of your credibility.Your just another know-it-all comment poster.How original(I am not referring to you personally,but it is a figure of speech) and exciting.
    The guy in this video is an instructor and probably has been vetted

  32. @fffastway That is when you prevent yourself from going to ground by taking the initiative and striking first.Yes,most fights end up on the ground,but most people who get into fights have no idea how to fight,and are going off instinct.How would you guess this,because there haven't been 6 billion martial arts program applicants.

  33. @An0niempje I am pretty sure expert village would vet him before they tarnished their image by providing a fake instructor.And since I do Krav Maga,his techniques are correct.They are the traditional style taught by the Israeli Defense Force,what I learn is a watered down version but it's still the same,take away the anti-Hi-Jacking and knife attack skills.

  34. @An0niempje I am not an instructor,just a student like everyone else.I think that if he cheated Expert Village,he would have been dumped by now.And besides,I am not looking to teach Krav maga,I am seeking to learn.That is why I do not have any videos.I am not sharing my knowledge in that area because it is limited.That is why I am not instructing you in the art over a comments board.

    Anyway,this argument has lost it's point.If you aren't happy with him,take a course yourself.

  35. @An0niempje Well,you were questioning his credibility and I was querying the fact that people who post comments are far less reliable,since they could be anybody.

  36. @210482fmj That is not correct. The law states that if you are protecting yourself in self defence to an illegal weapon. Even if you kill him (not using his weapon just your body) As long as you tell them you were defending yourself it will be fine and you cannot be charged. Plus if he is doing this kind of thing he was most definetly have some sort of criminal record.

  37. @210482fmj we also live in a society where even the things you say are hate crimes so you have to worry about that as well

  38. Nice video tutorial. Bas Rutten has a tutorial on the round house kick that he has used to win many MMA battles. Rutten's footwork is a lot different from yours. But, I guess there are just different variations on this kick. Bas Rutten does not pivot. He takes a step to the side with a right degree turn of his foot allowing him to kick "through" his opponent. However, your technique is just as valid.

  39. What do you do if the attacker fires the weapon while you're holding onto the slide? My thought is, I'd let go because the gun will discharge and the weapon will be "hot."

  40. why would you bring your leg straight up and change your momentum to the side while delivering the kick????? It would be easier to pivot your body to the side and keep the energy going horizontally hints the name swing/ round kick

  41. There are several reasons. The most obvious is to go straighter to the target and avoid telegraphing your kick. It's also faster and easier to kick.
    If you try it yourself you'll see that the momentum isn't changed, but is continued as you pivot on the ball of your base foot.

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