Krav Maga for Women : The Hammer Fist Self-Defense Technique for Women

Time. Good now, going over hammer fist. During
this technique—this is just a variation of a straight punch. The very first punch
that Marissa was throwing were straight punches like this, in a vertical position making contact
with these two knuckles. Now, this is a forward and downward motion, coming forward with the
meaty part of the fist, with a clenched fist, as if you were throwing a straight punch coming
forward. The hinge is going to be here at the elbow and it is going to come straight
down. You are going to treat it as if this is a hammer. This is the handle of the hammer,
and this is the head of the hammer. This is what makes contact, and this is what drives
it forward. Come on back. Okay now, going over the technique nice and slow right here.
Going real slow. Notice how when she drives her hand forward, again, you always want to
keep in mind the chin is down, and you’re looking straight forward into the target.
When she makes contact, both hands always hit the same spot. We’re treating this ridge
right here on the pad as if it were the bridge of the nose, or maybe even the clavicle, or
the chin, or the back of the head. So coming straight forward, she is dropping her body
and her weight into the strike. You can hear the sound, and you can hear the force. And
those, from anybody, any size, a guy, a male or female, they would not be able to take
this too much, so coming forward and forward. Notice how her back hand slightly rotates
into the strike using her back hip. And time.

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