Krav Maga for Women : Be Aware Loading Automobiles for Women’s Self-Defense

Hi! I’m Steve Jimenez with,
Krav Maga, Austin. Right now in this segment we are going to go over safety issues around
the vehicle again. Now we are going to go ahead and use a SUV because most people these
days are driving SUV’s, and with a large door like this, there is a lot of opportunity
for an assailant to come in and do what they will with you. So from here, we are going
to go ahead and watch Marissa Esquivel come in and do a scenario that I see a lot of.
People are just not very aware of their surroundings; and that’s very important to be aware of
your surroundings. So right now—and because attackers are actually looking for people
who are not aware of their surroundings. They are looking for someone who is a victim. And
in this case, we are going to show you a victim, a potential victim. So Marissa is going to
walk up to the vehicle and she is going to start placing—pretend they’re groceries
or bags in her vehicle—and she is going to stand right in the center of her vehicle.
Get in there, get in there, get in there right now. So from here we’re going to go over
the right things to do; we’re going to go over a couple of different scenarios. So Marissa
is going to start packing the back of her truck. And what she is going to do is keep
her back to the truck, keeping her eyes on everything around her, looking straight ahead
as she picks up each item. She is going to going to go ahead and just keep her eyes up
and out and looking around. She’s going to go ahead and throw everything into the
vehicle. Perfect. She is going to take one quick glance inside and make sure everything
is alright. The door is not obstructed, and she is going to turn around, shut the door.
And as she walks around the vehicle to the front side, or to the driver’s side, she
is going to keep her eyes open and just look around. That’s it.

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