Kotegaieshi: Basic Aikido Techniques : Kotagaeshi Wrist Lock from a Overhead Strike

This Kotagaieshi is against Shomen uchi, over
head strike. Daniel’s going to pound me on the top of the head. Obviously it’s best if
I’m not there, he strikes down I’m gone. But I want to deal with the hand coming in. We
come in here, roll it around, catch it here, down into the ground. It’s important that
I flow with this. I’m not so much creating a block here, as I am a device to trap the
strike. I’m here, here, stay sticky with the technique, and here I am set up for Kotagaieshi.
Fingers down and towards the wrist, copress that, continue to bring him out of his center,
down and to the ground. I’m here, I create a tracking device, slow him down just slightly.
My hand comes on top, and I’m going to follow that wrist. Set him up just like we did in
our last technique, from Yokimunichi. Here, and press down. Let’s do that one more time,
with a little more zip to it. Here, follow around, and down we go. That is Kotagaieshi,
against an overhead strike, Shomen uchi.

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