Korea-Japan Hanmadang Festival 2019 kicks off amid frayed ties

despite South Korea and Japan’s
deteriorating ties the largest cultural exchange events between the two
countries kicked off in so this Sunday attended by high-level diplomats from
both sides arching day has the highlights from the festival Seoul and
Tokyo should settle their ongoing trade and diplomatic dispute through dialogue
and cooperation that was a message delivered by Korea’s Vice foreign
minister ETA ho who spoke at a cultural exchange festival between South Korea
and Japan on Sunday during his commemoration speech he stressed a need
to mend bilateral ties through dialogue and diplomacy I hope the two countries
can overcome their current challenges and resolve pending issues through
dialogue and cooperation in a mature manner also bilateral issues should be
resolved by facing up squarely to history and cooperative efforts should
be maintained aside from this matter the Korea Japan hamadan festival in Seoul
the biggest and longest running cultural exchange program between the two
countries aims to build a friendly cooperative relationships among their
people Tokyo’s Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs nori cotton
Suzuki was also among the guest list thousands of participants have gathered
to take part in this year’s event marking its 15th anniversary under the
theme in 15 years of festivals and a new tomorrow the main highlight of the
festival was a series of Korean and Japanese performances of their
respective country’s traditional dance and mercial arts petitioners I was a
little nervous since many people came out to see my performance
there are many Japanese people who like Korean culture so I hope relations
between the two countries can improve through these types of festivals samer nori a traditional Korean
percussion ensemble was also performed at the event capturing the tension of
many people from abroad various other activities were also on the hand at the
festival such as a chance to try on Korea’s traditional clothing ham bulk
and Japan’s kimono as well as various games and food tasting boots Korea has a
lot of delicious soups Japan on the other hand doesn’t have the many stewed
type dishes so I’m doing it in spicy Korea suits the event was held despite
the deteriorating relations between Korea and Japan triggered by Tokyo’s
adoption of new expert curves on Korea in early July the same festival is
scheduled to be held in Tokyo hibiya Park on September 28th and 29th kim
daehee arirang news

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