Kobayashi Aikido Basic Techniques / Principles

Today we show you: Kobayashi-Aikido with Udo and the Aikidoka from
Aikido Kenshukai Pforzheim the gym of SV Brötzingen and many new forms of bodymovement, how everything works and what you need for it you will find out today …… this was japanese But first of all: what is Aikido? The translation of Ai Ki Do means: harmony energy and path – you could translate it as: path to harmonising the energy. Aikido was developed by an old japanese in the middle of the 20 th century. After studying many different martial arts for many years from his experience he formed of a new kind of marial art and called it Aikido. And because this new martial art was really good many people wanted to learn from him. Later some of his close students brought Aikido from Japan to Europe. One of them was Kobayashi Sensei. Look: they bow. In Japan this is a polite gesture, it´s a part of japanese culture and Aikido and that is why we also do so. Kobayashi Sensei taught his Aikido André Cognard and Walter Oelschläger, and Udo learned from Walter. For 3 years Udo now has students of his own. But what do you need for Aikido ? At first you need something appropriate to wear. Everyday clothing doesn´t work. But what else is to wear? A suit is dressy, but unfunctional. Wow, this looks really cool – but it is too warm and it is to heavy to move your body. Now this looks comfortable – fits nicely and is just perfect to practice Aikido. Well, and if you are more advanced you´re allowed to wear a Hakama. It looks a bit funny, but that´s just the way it is. Now all you need is a mat and weapons – staff, sword and knife – and off you go! With Aikido a lot of falling is involved so primarily one needs to learn to fall
without hurting oneself. After that it really starts: techniques, techniques, techniques … Anke and Bastien will show you some. And after you studied Aikido for some time, it looks more like that. But actually: why does one fall at all? Oli here for example: he is tall and strong and if little Diana now tries to jostle him nothing happens. Unimportant how hard she tries Oli isn´t impressed at all and Diana is really exausted. It´s the same with this cube. If you jostle it, it slips yet it does not topple over. But if you set it on its edge it topples very easily. It works just the same with Oli. Wait: Something´s missing… oh yes! Staff and sword. Beginners start on their own so they don´t hurt each other. And by the time you do better you train with a partner. And if you do even better it may look like this. That was Aikido with Udo and his Aikidoka from Aikido Kenshukai Pforzheim. And if you want to learn more about Aikido why dont´t you come around and take a look for yourself?

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