KNX17: The Karate Nerd Experience (Ep. 2/4) — Jesse Enkamp

45 Replies to “KNX17: The Karate Nerd Experience (Ep. 2/4) — Jesse Enkamp

  1. Nothing news Sensei, everything always and always the nicest cause of you.
    Arigato Gozaimasu! Enkamp Sensei >_<

  2. Wow! That is some Capoeira shit right there! 5:12! Great Seminar Jesse-sensei! Osu! Can't wait for the 3rd part!

  3. Heyy Jesse ! Love your channel and I enjoy every video but please tell me why the pink belts they take a lot away in my personal opinion 😵 p.s. Keep up the great work 👍🏼💪🏼

  4. Are those pink belts made of silk or cotton? They look cotton but I'm just confirming. Nice video as always 😀

  5. I usually instantly press like, before watching a video, but today, Jesse greets me with OHAYO – even easier today :>

    Man that´s a ton of PINK BELTS :O

  6. After training in a lot of different martial arts, Karate doesn't really interest me but, I'm always open to learning new stuff and applying what is useful to me. I've come to this channel with an open mind so we'll see.

  7. I saw some people in a black gi, did you have some Kenpo karate and Kajukenbo people there too? If so that's really cool.

  8. Thanks for everyone's nice comments! You can learn more about my work (seminars, videos, books, articles) on my website: 😃

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