KNOCKOUT | Karate black belt VS Sifu Arnett shows Wing Chun technique with Maurice of Melbourne

Hey guys did you like that little bit of footage? I’m Anthony Arnett tournament champion that was one of my matches that I was fighting for grand champion and that was the final match unfortunately I got disqualified but the guy was OK he did well he got a few little stitches and was alright but this was the final match the movement I did was very very simple I used some of the Wing Chun principles I did an entry technique to close the gap followed up by a pak sao fook sao then slung his arm away with a fut sao and then I used a long range weapon to the inside of his body which was a hook kick to score the point alright so I’m gona get one of my students to come help me demonstrate this real quick Maurice come on out good to see you. You know Maurice started doing tournament competition now he has a true understanding for the sport of kung fu. This technique just happens to be parallel leg so my opponent was on his left on guard I was on my right I enter in to draw his reaction thats when he turns to use his reach to throw the back fist and I did a pak sao from there I did a side step with my back leg as he snapped his arm back I fook to keep it from going away and I threw it up behind him by putting myself on the angle scoring the point lets watch that again. I started the fight he punch I fook threw it away boom scored the point this technique is very effective because I had 3 judges 5 all together 2 behind me the center judge and 2 in front of me when I’m competing in tournaments you have to score to the front of the body for the judges to call the score so this technique was important if I was fighting on the street I would have broke his knee and then came in and broke his jaw but because this is sport we keep it light contact and boom right to the front of the body so the judges can see. If you like that technique I got plenty more to show you. Thanks Maurice

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  1. aaah now i see it… happened so fast with all that gear was hard to see the Wing Chun move. Much better when you explained it.

  2. yeah that's exactly why I did the video glad you understand and thanks for your comment.

  3. Yeah we're all about having fun and laughing with sport kung fu, I'm glad you noticed that. Thanks for your comment

  4. Aside from the fantastic technique, I am very happy to see the healthy respect for your opponents safety – the sign of a good Sifu. Greetings from Canada!

  5. it's about having fun in competitions not just kill kill kill LOL Thanks for your comment.

  6. I seen that type of tec in hapkido n shotokan. N wado ryu does not look like wing chun to me. I read wing chun ppl don not kick above there waist is that jeer Kwon do?

  7. If you watch the Ip Man movie called A Legend is born Ip Man does kick to the head, anyway Master Arnett explains in this video that had it been a street fight he would have broken the attacker leg instead of going for the had. You are right Master Arnett has studied JKD before which has great techniques for tournaments. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Thanks for the comment… I heard that the nun that created or refined Wing Chun was great at kicking and it makes sense after all her kick was her most powerful weapon. If the opening is there why not kick the head instead of punching it? She couldn't knock a guy out with a punch but she could with a kick.

  9. The only claim is that the guy got knocked out, the purpose of this video is to promote Wing Chun practitioners to enter tournaments and have fun why should it be only karate dudes that compete… I wish Wing Chun schools could do the same

  10. karate guy certainly let fear get the better of him, by leaning back and turning away he limited his options and obscured his view. at that point he had no chance.

  11. At Arnett sport kung fu we use kicks just as much with entry techniques added as well, they say the nun that refined Wing Chun was great at kicking and so was Ip Man. Thanks for your comment

  12. There's no rule that says a Wing Chun person cannot kick above the waist. It is only a guideline since WC wants to maintain stability because stability is what gives the structure for power.

    Also, many Asian martial art styles have similar movements and techniques so it's not surprising that you see some similarities with Hapkido/shotokan. The difference usually lies in the mindset and principles in which it is applied with.

  13. Hi Master, good to see some of your techniques here. I can now practice them in down under in Australia. Since u went back to US, we lost lots of touch on your sparring techniques. We miss u much here. How u doing there?

  14. Sifu Arnett will be coming back to Australia later this year so stay tuned to this channel.

  15. very nice atack , this is what i like … a very effetive atack (( i dont use in sports)) this is a art _martials.. its about self-defence.. not a toy thing. This what all peaple should to know about. Auto-control … to know we can die easyly and kill in the same way .. Thank you Wing Chun master.

  16. Well brother by using Kung Fu as a sport you learn self control as well as many other things. Thanks for the comment

  17. You've been reading too much and not fighting enough, when Wing Chun was created boxers, muy tai or jui jitsu didn't exist. At very close range a hook is much faster and effective that a Wing Chun elbow strike. At long rang a hook is better and stronger than a Wing Chun chop. If your opponent comes at you on the side you throw a hook then turn and chain punch. The type of Wing Chun your talking about is for a woman to fight a bigger man not someone your size or shorter.

  18. Not many people realize that the woman that helped create Wing Chun was great at kicking after all her legs were her most powerful weapons. If you have a clear shot at a kick to the head then why not…

  19. When looked at our forms and dummy form have few kicks, its in class that the kicks are taught and in Chi-Sheung-Sau we use low and high kicks example is the double pulling palm with a high front kick to the chin, single pulling palm with hook kick to head, nothing fancy like some other styles just to the point.Look at ITF TKD forms where are the kicks? I have done both for 39 yrs I keep them apart but will use them together with no problem even blending tech. at close range. If it works do it.

  20. When looked at our forms and dummy form have few kicks, its in class that the kicks are taught and in Chi-Sheung-Sau we use low and high kicks example is the double pulling palm with a high front kick to the chin, single pulling palm with hook kick to head, nothing fancy like some other styles just to the point.Look at ITF TKD forms where are the kicks? I have done both for 39 yrs I keep them apart but will use them together with no problem even blending tech. at close range. If it works do it.

  21. excessive force…..well as long as you control yourself and refrain from taking your opponent's life then it's all good I hope?

  22. You don't realize what your writing… just last week one of my 15 year old student was at school and did a double tan sao followed by a couple of punches then elbow to a kid who tried to push him. If it wasn't for his wing chun he would get bullied.

  23. u have no clue what your talking about i do martial arts and when i get in fights i don't end up windmilling i know what im doing.

  24. Cool, I'm guessing you do sparing as part of your training? Make one a much better fighter

  25. So what you're saying is that it's impossible to get better at fighting. How does that make sense? Fighting is a skill like any other – by studying it and practicing, you can improve. And that's what martial arts are.

  26. Sifu, respect to you. You might like the Silat of Maul Mornie, Youtube channel maul565. It has the same principle of entry, but different aspects as well. Wish you continued success!

  27. We use our kick to create the opening for the punch or the hand/punch to create the opening for our kick as Sifu Arnett did in this clip

  28. In martial arts, we also learn what people called "RESPECT" and that's one thing you didn't know. Obviously 😀

  29. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle”
    — Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    …you will know yourself and you will know the enemy, that's the good thing in martial arts… Yes, it is applicable in the real world. Why not try to mess up with a master of any style?

  30. That's true because in most cases martial artists forget about STATE OF MIND, which is the most important thing in a fight, the great ones dont lose themselves in the fight.

  31. This is a KARATE tournament don't be so quick to judge. Sifu Arnett is not fighting in an MMA competition not with a grappler, if he did he would fight differently. Your criticizing one of the most awesome fighters… it was a pleasure for me to spare with him.

  32. Every martial arts video has the same commentaries. Haha Bjj guys can't do wing chun, wing chun guys can't do bjj, why don't we all have an open mind, and learn it all, like Bruce Lee

  33. You cannot compare MMA with any single Martial art. MMA is as the name implies, martial ARTS, plural, meaning a set of rules defining what u can use in standup, clinch and ground. Of course MMAers will own anyone who uses a single fighting system. Greets from an "MMAer/BJJer", no competition, just recreational player.

  34. When I watch MMA UFC to me it seems like just kickboxing and BJJ… there are plenty of rules in UFC more than when it first began.

  35. True, without that many rules, Dana White would have never gotten the broadcasting rights and UFC would have disappeared after SEG went bankrupt and had to sell the name. But after all, in a real fight, mostly the basics will work, and no fancy exotic stuff. Kickboxing and BJJ are part of the very basics.

  36. actually , it is wing chun and to be more precise yong chun in chinese
    wing tsung is just a translation for pronouncing

  37. Boxing=> Sylvester Stallone, Rocky “Life's not about how hard of a hit you can give… It's about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward. In Wing Chun we do not risk being hit one single time or it's game over

  38. i do kung fu, right now im training for mma, ive notice eveyrone who says one thing or the other does not work is full of shit because it all works just fine for me, kung fu moves, boxing moves, wrestling moves.. not going to lie they all work about the same, it usually depends on situation telling what works better then what a a current situation. but yeah usuallz eveyr who says this dont work or that is because they are ignorant of what they dont understand 🙂

  39. Amazing video and thank you for sharing. I want to say something about all the bjj talk and mma talk. No offense but when you are in a real fight you do not want to be rolling on concrete. For example on the ground, there can be glass and concrete is supper hard. Please people don't forgot this video is about a karate tournament. He also clearly said that this is about a sport. One more thing in my opinion I would prefer Japanese jujutsu. But it is never depends on the style but the man.

  40. Sorry but what is a MMA fighter? Let me explain what MMA means and that is combinations of styles. It does not have to always be boxing, muay thai and bjj. It can be wing chun, Japanese Jujutsu and Capoeira. Bruce Lee was a mix martial artist not for sport but for the street. Clearly Mr. Arnett has other training under his belt besides wing chun I am guessing. One thing you forgot is when you are fighting in the street the game changes, there is biting, poking, and weapons.

  41. Sifu Arnett had already scored several points but when he landed that kick it was to strong so he got disqualified for using excessive force.

  42. In this video Sifu Arnett explain that in a street fight he would have kicked the leg as for the stance there are over a dozen Wing Chun lineages all with different modifications.

  43. very effective but not wing chun,i used to use that side step but i used a side kick to the floating ribs,followed by axe kick when i competed in lau gar kung fu

  44. there are many styles in wing chun you do you have a school do you have any training video or just a student ?

  45. Hi Christopher, in Australia we have a school in Melbourne, Australia and Master Arnett's school is in Jacksonville, Florida USA.

  46. It's quite interesting how people say it's not Wing Chun, because Wing Chun principles were applied.

    This is Sifu Arnett's Wing Chun. It may not be how Grandmaster Ip Man would have done it, or how other Wing Chun Sifus would have done it because what we saw was Arnett's Wing Chun.

    Do note, Grandmaster Ip Chun had a cameo in one of the Ip Man spin off movies, Ip Man Legend is Born, and he explained in that movie what may not look like Wing Chun, may still be Wing Chun.

  47. NOT USED IN TRADITIONAL Wing Chun….. especially those with limited skills. But the Ip Man staring in his own movie Ip Man 3 uses High Kicks to dispatch an opponent saying, "As long as the principles of structure are not violated and it is effective then it is Wing Chun". Also he was not performing Chi Sao. He was fighting and opponent who is not a Wing Chun Adept. He appropriately adapted and was very effective. I think it was a very nice technique… Thanks Bro

  48. I am under the impresssion WC didn't kick above the waist.  The kick he uses is found in other martial arts though: Capoeira, tae kwon do, ect

  49. From the knowlege base I stem from it looked like wing chun + ninjitsu + real strong 3 prong attack kung fu with 1 prong for a stable base.


  51. i need to come back you . no dis respect sifu but i trained with the best in point fighting Grand master Henry Williams kotona karate. i will be seeing you guys in 2016 imcomming back

  52. Thats great if i ever get into a street fight that observes semi contact rules this move should come in really handy.

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