Kids Safety & Self-Defense : Kids Self-Defense: Stranger Danger

Today for kid’s safety, I’d like to address
the subject of stranger danger. We’ve talked about how other people who you don’t know
well can be a danger to you. We’ve talked about how people that make you do things that
are uncomfortable or things that they’re doing that make you uncomfortable; those can be
a danger as well. Also somebody who is older than you asking you for help; those people
are potentially dangerous because as an adult they should not be asking children for help.
Anyone who is in real need of assistance or is really looking for some help, they are
not going to be offended by a child who says “no thank you, I can’t help you”. They will
go and seek out help somewhere else. Some of the things that a stranger might do that
would lure a child to them; and this is where kids need to be aware of these things. Is
that they like to play tricks; they like to get the children away from the main group
that they are with. Say you’re at the park or what have you, and a stranger might come
up to you and say “hey, why don’t you come see the kittens I have in my car”. Or it might
be dogs, or it might be ferrets, or it can be any kind of a cute little cuddly animal.
The other thing can be food; food’s a big enticer for children. “I’ve got some candy
over here, why don’t you come with me”, you know that type of a thing. Their facial expressions,
their body language, they’re going to be very charming; they’re going to be very nice. They
are going to seem extremely friendly to the kids. So you need to really think about how
you want to stay away from those people. The other things that they like to do are scare
tactics, “your mom’s been in an accident, I need to take you to the hospital”, “your
mom and dad told me to come pick you up and that way I can come take you and you can go
see them”. Family passwords are important in that respect because you can teach your
children that you don’t go with anyone unless we have told you that they have the family
password. So if you have somebody come up to you, maybe you recognize them, maybe you
don’t. But if they ask you to come with them because your mom and dad said to, simply say
“well, what’s the family password?? If they don’t know it, then you have to say ?I have
to go”. So keep in mind some of the things that strangers might do to lure your child
away with them. Keep in mind these things so that you can help your kid keep safe.

32 Replies to “Kids Safety & Self-Defense : Kids Self-Defense: Stranger Danger

  1. lol, well if a child molester comes up to a like 8 or 10 year old… and says something like i got a kitten in my car … and the child might know whats the guy is up to… so the kid will say no thanks i gata go… but the guy will just pick him up and put him in the car rofl… cause like… thats the point… to get em in.. and i dont think that a child molester will just let the kid go… if the kid says i gata go… hell be like o no u dont (picks him up) and takes him to his car… lol…

  2. same, this dude grabbed my arm, and i kicked his shin, he just looked at me…. and broke my wrist until my mom came 🙂 i am an amazing fighter

  3. I once was grabbed by a stranger when I was 4, where I roundhouse kicked him in the face. Then I did a barrel roll.

  4. 1:09, EPIC palm-block. The only thing more intimidating is the guards from Yu-Gi-Oh with their invisible guns.

  5. Family password?come on,these are real life dangers,so instead of uploading videos for 5-7 years old kids,upload some 12-18 years old teens real life techniques!Sorry,didn't want to upset anyone :-)i find this a little stupid.

  6. Ok my little 7 yr. old sister is getting bullied at school by another little girl (who is slapping her in the face hard) and i don't know what to tell her to do. My sister is bigger height and weight and she is holding back because of that. Any advice?

  7. Also a safety tip from me Fira777: Even young men can be targeted by anyone [including children or a child or both] so please be careful and get away from anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

  8. A stranger tries to take my sister and me. Come see my animals. Me: I’m allergic. again: want some candy? Me: i have cavities! Again:your mom is hurt. Me: she just texted me that she is at home. Again: I’m a friend of your parents. Me: then show us a picture of you and my parents. Again: come on- me:password!!!!

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