Kicks for Jesus Christian Martial Arts – Exodus Kata

There is a war being waged between two kingdoms
where at stake is your very soul the mission is clear go into all the world making disciples
and whatever you do doing all unto the glory of God our tenets are discipline respect self-control
humility and service we are martial artists we are Kicks for Jesus
it’s been said that the purpose of martial arts is to learn a way to live with scripture
katas you learn The way to live forms are a dance and David said to praise
God with a dance we always start with praise and worship Egypt had Israel in bondage they
pray for a deliverer and Moses was born raised as an Egyptian he learned the truth and denied
Egypt haunted by pharaoh he fled to Moab he later ascended to mount Horeb to find God
where he received the staff and authority he takes the staff back to Egypt where he
tells pharaoh let my people go so pharaoh gives them twice the work and twice the load
God chastens those who he loves plaques were poured out on Israel but he poured out his
full wrath ten plaques on Egypt the last plaque was so severe Moses warned pharaoh of the
angel of death who swept through the land and took the first born pharaoh having lost
his own first born finally let Moses people go only to pursue them to the edge of the
sea where Moses parts the waters for Israel and then God pushes the tide burying the Egyptian’s
army under the sea Israel finally was at rest the Exodus form is a form that teaches you
the scripture and it is a dance but also has practical application this move works off
a wrist grab if someone grabs your wrist you are placing your elbow on your opponents arm
using your elbow as a fulcrum point to pry your arm off and applying a back fist to the
rattail nerve of your opponent the next move is a arm bar it works off a parry a crescent
and a grab and then a strike to the back of the elbow directly on the back of the elbow
you can use a fist your knuckles or your palm the next technique is what’s called a hanging
horse with a double palm it’s nothing more than a palm heel strike to the instep it requires
that you create room moving back away from the kick and striking your opponent’s strike
the next move is a bow and arrow stance with a bow and arrow strike but it’s nothing more
than a jab your opponent is throwing their jab your sweeping their jab out the way and
delivering your own jab the next move is called a universal block and strike in a transitional
stance but it’s nothing more than a hip throw it also works off of a parry a crescent and
then a under hook person on your hip reap the leg and its a hip throw the hip throw
rolls off of a what’s called a cat stance with a groin strike the groin strike is open
handed so that you can grab the person your opponents groin squeeze when you pull back
you can use your other hand to strike the chest if moved in deep enough you can use
it as a take down this is hidden technique it rolls into a Muay Thai check it is called
a crane stance in Chinese martial arts Muay Thai it is called a check it is a block off
of a round kick and off the block you are delivering a cross with your opposite hand
the last technique is a breathing technique its designed to train you to breath out all
of your air it’s called kia in karate and it is something that allows you to be able
to absorb a punch or deliver your punch with more force my name is David Grover I am the president
of Kicks for Jesus Kicks for Jesus is a nonprofit Christian martial arts organization that offers
martial arts instruction combined with Biblical teachings to encourage spiritual growth physical
fitness and emotional well-being Kicks for Jesus was founded by Mr. Doug McDonald in
1988 since then there have been many lives positively affected by this ministry the martial
arts are all about self-defense and self-control they have been proven to motivate students
to learn discipline build self-esteem lose weight build flexibility and lessen the potential
of violence as well as to provide an extracurricular activity that keeps our students off the streets
and away from destructive influences numerous other benefits include sportsmanship teamwork
and a can do attitude just to name a few our students many underprivileged and some whom
come from homes that are ravaged by drugs and poverty find in our weekly program a place
to go a safe haven and a sense of belonging currently we operate the Kicks for Jesus program
from the generous donations of a few friends and loved ones as well as from our own savings
we’re now looking for community partners to help us reach our underprivileged youth
as well as to expand the program spreading the Word of God in this uniquely engaging
way that children everywhere will love to accomplish this goal Kicks for Jesus is developing
a care package we plan to deliver to Christian martial arts schools worldwide contained in
these packages will be tools designed to help build up those organizations and their students
in God’s Word through this uniquely Christ-centered Kicks for Jesus brand-approach to Christian
instruction in the martial arts we have a higher expectation upon us do you guys know
that this package of materials would include instructional videos demonstrating our signature
Scripture Katas which powerfully integrate the Word of God into various martial arts
forms Kicks for Jesus’ own martial arts-themed bible devotionals in a booklet form Kicks
for Jesus t-shirts and uniforms as well as other promotional materials please prayerfully
consider supporting this proven and powerful bible-based teaching platform for the good
of our communities and the world at large and thanks for taking a look

49 Replies to “Kicks for Jesus Christian Martial Arts – Exodus Kata

  1. lol ?????? i laughed a lot when i heard all that shit about israel and how you mix it with what you steal from the pagan culture….

    the kiks of jewsus !!!! ???????

    man this is the worst thing the jews made…..if you wanna lie then at least make something new dont steel from the pagan culture….

    you cant see jewsus fast kiks ??? lol

  2. 8:50…this guy is 100% jewish ??? no need for proof…you could feel them and see them when they are a around ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. "All flesh is like grass
    And all it's glory like the flower of grass.
    The grass withers,
    And the flower fades,
    But the Word of the Lord remains forever."
    1 Peter 1:24-25

  4. "Whoever desires to love life and see good days,
    Let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit;
    Let him turn away from evil and do good;
    Let him speak peace and pursue it.
    For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous,
    And his ears are open to their prayer.
    But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil."
    1 Peter 3:8-12

  5. Why is there any need for debate on this? Why is anyone "hatin'" on Kicks for Jesus, Martial Arts or Adam Bowling. The facts are (1) Israel had an army and warriors which they used when needed, (2) the recounting of this history is neither a sin or a crime, (3) neither is adding a narrative to a series of Martial Arts movements (this is a traditional teaching and memory aid in most styles). Next. from what I see and hear,(4) Adam nor Kicks for Jesus is promoting acts of wanton violence.(5) Even IF I disagreed with what I saw or heard, as a former student of witchcraft (before Jesus saved me), I don't see even a hint of paganism or pagan worship involved. Finally, I see in the Christian scriptures that Jesus tells his disciples to go buy a sword (Luke 22:36). Any of those who object to Kicks for Jesus or Adam's approach, feel free to explain why Jesus gave those instructions to His disciples. I will wait for your answer!

  6. Watch this: Documentary about one man's journey through Martial Arts and to Christ!

  7. not to be disrespectful but in my opion aisan martail arts were partaily an influence of eastern philosophy.And thats why most americans that practice karte tkd or kung fu etc take an interest in aisan culture, so there for trying to put christan values in martail arts is rediculous.

  8. Martial arts is good discipline for everyone my teacher and youth minster his name was Robin he would teach us Martial arts it was good for us kids

  9. Asian martial arts are built on the practices of Asian/Buddha culture so how in God's name did Jesus Christ who came to the Jews (old testament) and Jesus Christ who is comes to the Jews and gentile (new testament) cross paths with this it will eventually become hypocritical IMHO….this is why it's best to keep things of this world separate from God's emphatic word… Visit to get an understanding on what God is actually looking for! ???

  10. Guys….
    Have you even seen the deliverance ministry by Prophet Omote Fufeyin… because he literally KICKS the demons out…

  11. Nice form. I was wondering how long it would be before someone else started doing this. My first Scripture form was created in '92. I have 10 Scripture forms and a number of Verse "Sets".

  12. You are blessed son you have permission in my name too get the boy with no arms and leg too raise for his new arms and leg proud if the black belted boy a true inspiration signed by me adorable God CHRISTO 8888

  13. Yahwashi the divine 8888 H and l born day of horus rise full moon eclipse Sunday day Jan 27th day barach haschem ADONI eldin zeolot 8888

  14. Oh what kind of faith is comming again here…jesus said forgive one another…He also said that if some one slap your left cheek…let him slap right side also….

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