Kickboxing vs Gym: Which Is Better for Losing Weight? | Urban Martial Arts

Well, the difference between taking a kickboxing
class and going to a traditional gym is that you don’t always get that push when you go
to a traditional gym but when you take a kickboxing class the hardest thing is coming in that
day. Once you come in, we play really good music,
it’s a good atmosphere, by the time the class is over, you did exactly what you were supposed
to do and you got out of it what you wanted. Every time you go to the gym, you don’t feel
you go out what you wanted out of your gym experience. Kickboxing classes we make sure you get that
every single class. There usually is 4 types of people that usually
go the gym. The first person is the person who signed
up beginning of the year and said yeah I am going to lose these 10-20 pounds and never
went back to the gym. The second person goes to the gym and they
do not know what to do, they are overwhelmed by the big machines, and by the big sweaty
guys in the corner and they don’t know what to do. The third person, is somebody that has a little
knowledge of going to the gym working out, but they plateau really early, they may run
on the treadmill do free weights and that’s it, they get bored for not seeing any results. The fourth person is the person you see at
the gym everyday and they really are consistent, and that’s 1% of the people in the entire
gym. If are going to a traditional gym and you’re
that guy or girl working out and you’re not seeing any results, you may want to try a
personal trainer. Personal trainers are really good but sometimes
it gets really costly and not everyone can always afford a personal trainer. So sometimes, you get frustrated because if
you can’t afford it then you feel you won’t be able to get any results. Our kickboxing classes were featured in the
L Magazine and they basically mention that is a good atmosphere and you almost feel like
you have a personal trainer every single class, so that’s the difference. So, if you’re one of the 3 people I mentioned
and you’re not seeing results at the gym, you might want to try taking kickboxing class. If you live in Brooklyn area, we’d love to
have you. If you’re not in Brooklyn area or NYC area,
find a place in your neighborhood and try a kickboxing class, you should definitely
see results.

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