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  1. Correction, it was the largest land based continuous empire of all time. The British empire got to be a larger size when all things are considered. Great video

  2. I heard that Mongolians are the Irish of China. They are known for drinking and beating each other up.

  3. Genghis Khan was such a prolific rapist that today, nearly 1 in 200 Chinese or persons of Chinese descent can trace their lineage directly back to him.

  4. The story about no one ever besting her in wrestling feels somewhat apocryphal. Had the events unfolded as you describe, that any man could have become royalty and gained all of the attendant advantages that would bring, simply by besting the princess in a physical contest, would seem to me to be a difficult thing to be true. Even if she was an incredibly gifted athlete who had never suffered a single loss, for her father to hang all of the risk of legitimizing claims to the royal bloodline in that way would have been viewed as incredibly risky. Marriage at this point in human history, especially among royalty, wasn't about finding love matches; it was about power. It seems more likely that this was the story told to explain a political allegiance or to provide a socially acceptable reason that the princess hadn't married yet.

  5. She really should of been given more spot light.
    My guess is that she was poisoned. easy to pull off if she did not have a taste tester.

  6. I never heard of this amazing princess and is a shame for a Mongolian person to know so little about my own history. Khutulun could be pronounced as Khotlon which means a guider in Mongolian. A great piece of history that could have been lost is found thanks to the great traveller Marco Polo. There is so much Mongol history is confused and written as Chinese history because of the (Yuan dynasty) that moved Mongolian official capital from the Mongolian capital Khara-Khorum to the Chinese capital Beijing thanks to the foolish ruler Kublai Khan a decision that brought so many consequences to the country's Empire and the history. I am in no way anti-China but I'd rather the history is portrayed truthfully.

  7. You are an amazing historian. I sit for hours and watch your videos. Thank you very much for what you do.

  8. Khultulun must have been some genetic prodigy to be able to outwrestle trained wrestler men through sheer might. Jill Mills, the World Strongest Woman, is only on par with Average Men when it comes to Arm Wrestling (and sometimes loses to them). Khultulun must have been a she-beast if she could outwrestle men who were trained wrestlers themselves.

  9. Boring. A curious footnote at best. Typical female commentators below: ambivalent towards men and 'admiring' women who act like them, ie masculine. Maybe one day do a video on a REAL heroine, like Malala Yousefsai (sp?); or that school Principal at Sandy Hook who died chasing down the shooter. Also the schoolteacher who died with arms outspread to block the bullets that killed all but one little girl. REAL HEROINES. Why you pseudofeminists love these self aggrandizing tomboys I will never understand. "Kutuyun" was a good wrestler?! So?! Get a clue ladies. This Bio channel is, nevertheless, 97% superlative.

  10. I'd like to see Dr. Jordan Peterson try to explain away the sexism of this time period.
    Men and women did not, for most of history, co-exist just trying to help each other out.

  11. thank you for making these videos, it will sure empower and inspire little girls out there, lol even a grown lady like me

  12. Fantastic work as always thank you for such educational intriguing videos to experience. This was such a badass warrior princess I’ve never got the pleasure of learning about until now. You did a great job with working with what little knowledge is out there on her life. Thank you this channel is awesome! ?

  13. 0:55 Even stronger than the Khan himself, who performed conquests so vast with such ease that they reverted farmland to forest and caused a noticeable dip in Earth’s CO2 level in the process? Now I’m curious…

  14. Is Marco Polo a valid source for anything? Not to dominos h Khutulan but I understood most of what Marco wrote about was fraudulent.

  15. @Biographics – Bravo. I would not refer to this episode as "perfect in its own right" had you not included the Tuvan throat singing at the chapter break. I'm in love with Khutulun and it's all your fault.

  16. If anyone is interested, there's an amazing show on Netflix that deals with the details of the Mongolians under the reign of Kublai Khan in an amazing way. It's called Marco Polo and it is ADDICTING. Khutulun is also a character. They tried very hard to keep it as close to historically accurate as possible, not only that, it's an amazing show. Sad a lot of people haven't heard of it.

  17. hey simon. As a mongolian it is always nice to see mongolian princesses and queens get the recognition they deserve. thank you biographics for the video!

  18. Fascinating but probably extremely hyperbolic story. The odds that a female would end up strong enough to best the elite of trained male warriors, in wrestling of all things, just seem too biologically impossible to hold true. Just think of the levels of athleticism it'd take for a woman to outperform elite athlete males consistently in a contemporary sport.

    If it actually happened that wasn't any fantasy princess supermodel, if this happened in reality it'd have to be somekinda genetic freak with off-the-chart androgen production.

    Something a magnitude beyond even a 13th century Cris Cyborg.

  19. Exqueeze me, the Mongolian Empire was the largest contiguous empire. Britain had a larger empire overall thank you.

  20. Could you do a video on Khawla next? She was a Muslim warrior who disguised herself as a man to battle alongside her brother and protect him.

  21. This video, similar to your other videos, is very well researched and extremely informative and enjoyable. However, I must point out that sometimes your images are very off. For example, at @6:44 and later you show a depiction of Gengiz Khan as Kaidu, her father. That depiction is very famous and based on Raschid Al Din Hamadani's description of Gengiz. Also @1:44 that is a Golden Eagle not a falcon. But thanks for the great videos, keep up the good work.

  22. I've known her from a netflix series.. i thought she was just a fictional character. thanks for confirming her real story.

  23. BTW if you have never tried fermented mare's milk…. DON'T!!!!!!!!!!! That stuff is possibly the nastiest form of alcholo ever invented by man that does not involve spit…

  24. Kaidu was not from the house of Ogedei but was from Genghis's 2nd son Chagatai, who received the lands of the Khwarazm empire. How can you get such basic knowledge wrong?

  25. She was a formidable warrior and clearly and amazing wrestler. However, when you mention that she was simultaneously as strong and lighter than other warriors, that's physically impossible unless the other warriors are all fat; you can't have more muscle mass without being stronger. I'm guessing she just had her technique down better than most others and rode a faster horse, assuming the tales aren't exaggerated for drama's sake, as was sometimes done in Marco Polo's writings.

  26. Please do a Bio on Admiral Yi Sun Shin of Korea – The greatest Admiral the world has ever known with no lost battles.  He saved Korea (Chosun Kingdom) from the Japanese invasions of 1592 and 1598.  There is even a quote by the Japanese Admiral Yamamoto saying that his accomplishments in battle were minor compared to what Admiral Yi Sun Shin accomplished.

  27. I have to say I love this channel I have learned bout so many interesting people I never even heard about before

  28. 15:21 I'm not sure but I think that this is a photo of Anna May Wong who was the first Chinese star actress in Hollywood. Her biography would be good to tell about.

  29. Great effort on the Mongolian pronunciations. Can't really expect an English speaker to nail Old Mongolian any more than you'd expect Adele to nail Mongolian throat singing.
    Not sure why you say "crew" for the French "croix" as you did here and in other videos. I've heard it mispronounced "croy" before, but never "crew". The native pronunciation is "crwah".
    If people want to see a fictional adaptation of Khutulun, watch the Netflix series "Marco Polo".

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