KERALA Warriors Martial Arts KALARI + Shocking Indian Traditional Dance KATHAKALI in KUMILY

Previously on “Lifetime Travelmates” After the cold foggy and rainy days in Kodaikanal we decided to go south thanks
to some friends’ recommendations so we took a couple of buses and headed all
the way down to Kumily in the state of Kerala. After seven hours of bus journey
we had to stop at a town named Theni since the buses weren’t allowed to
continue and find a jeep to climb up the Cardamom Hills So we arrived in Kumily and… there is a bit of water here… but they save in 10 minutes it’s gone. I trust it, yeah… It’s already going pretty fast. The way here was a bit difficult we had
to take a Jeep in the previous village because the public bus doesn’t go up, so we took were 11 people in Jeep and it took a bit
more than one hour We made it.
No danger, the road was fine. It’s just just that they
don’t allow public bus there. yeah, it was a pleasant trip up the hill. Fresh air.
We saw some animals on the road and we finally are in KUMILY! We always say that arriving to a new
place at night can cause a bad impression of the place, specially if it’s raining We prefer arriving in daytime, and if it’s possible sunny arriving in Kumily at night after some heavy rains didn’t help much But after checking in,
taking a fresh shower, and having a good sleep, we woke up to this (birds singing) (calm music) Support this channel subscribing and hitting the notification bell! Good morning everyone!
We just woke up, and then… We are seeing these monkeys! Monkeys! Oh my god! We booked a bit not really expensive but a bit kind of fancy hotel this time Because during the last few days the
weather was not good and it was raining and all our clothes were wet
(soaking wet!) We really need a good rest good
sleep So this time we decided to pay a little bit more
and we booked the hotel in the middle of jungle and it is 7:30 AM
and we just went out to the balcony and and we’ve are seeing already three or four
black monkeys on the tree and they’re so and they are so cute! The weather looks very nice, so we are very happy! We just came up to the swimming pool on the roof This is Chrissie’s hotel here in Kumily. We feel very lucky that the weather is very nice. and we have the swimming pool for us, before more guests come tonight and guess what! We are surrounded by langurs.
All these trees around here… they have small families of langurs. Not macaques! We
don’t like macaques. We like them, but not too close. but langurs are shy and they come here
and they are lovely Monkey, monkey, monkey! So, we spent a very nice time in the swimming pool this
morning and now we are going to have some lunch because it’s already 2:30
p.m. We’re looking for the restaurant that the owner of the place we’re
staying in recommended us Yogurt raita ???
(do you know what’s that, or what he says? leave a comment, please!) ???
(do you know what’s that, or what he says? leave a comment, please!) and Kerala famous 20 different vegetable with coconut and curry leaves. and this is “thoran”: carrot, cabbage and curry leaves, and some non-veg: fish pickle, fish gravy, egg gravy, chicken. and ??? bread. We heard that this place, Thekkady is popular place for honeymooners so, we’ve seen so many, even on, we could find so many romantic cottages or hotels with very good reviews. We came to watch this Kerala traditional performance named Kathakali Since if you come early, you can see the actors preparing the make up we came about 30 minutes early. Kathakali is a traditional
Indian dance from Kerala.

To perform it, artists wear elaborate costumes and
colorful makeup to tell stories from Hindu epics.

It takes students nearly 12 years of training to learn
the choreography and gestures necessary to Kathakali. Kalaripayattu
(sometimes shortened as Kalari)
is an Indian martial arts and fighting system
that originated in Kerala and
practiced by warriors of Kerala.

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