Kendo Basics【FOOTWORK】Kouda Kunihide 8th Dan // 基本動作【足さばき】香田郡秀八段 ・ 剣道授業

Now I will be explaining about footwork. The most common footwork in Kendo,
Okuri-ashi We will preform this okuri-ashi with suri-ashi. If you look at it from the side, It is important… to be conscious of your left foot. Or rather your left toes. Firmly push the floor with your toes. Imagine pushing the floor instead of kicking it. And go forward. And when going backwards, there are many people who put their toes up. This is because you are not conscious of your toes. when you go backwards,
imagine pushing your toes into the floor. If you do this, Your toes won’t be facing upwards. What is going wrong here is, the rear foot is retreated first, and then the right. Instead of this.
when going forward. Send your right foot forward
by pushing the floor with your left leg. And pull back your left. So it’s not stepping forward with your right,
and then following with your left. This will be too slow. The left foot should send the right foot forward. Similarly,
when moving backwards Push the floor with your right toes, and send your left foot back. So don’t pull back your left foot first. Keep this in mind when practicing suri-ashi. Furthermore, when doing this in kamae. As I explained about the importance
of left hand placement in a previous video. Stabilise your left hand. After that. Instead of trying to move by using your legs, Imagine moving your body by
moving your center of gravity. To do this, Straighten your back.
Your spine. Bring your whole body forward while
keeping your spine straight. On top of that,
join in your left hand. And keep it stable. This way you can easily move from the hips. Try not to make an angle and lean forward. Keep the spine straight and move from there. Imagine moving your spine towards your opponent, while keeping it straight in motion. In okuri-ashi. Whenever you finished a movement, Always go back to the original foot position. Many people end up like this. The distance between the feet gets smaller. This is not a stable position. After having made a move, go back to your original foot position and mind to regain your balance. For example.
When striking kote-men. After the kote, there is no stability. This is the same thing. When making continuous attacks, make sure to regain the position
before making the next strike I believe it is good to keep
this in mind when doing footwork.

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